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I've been spending time recently remembering days gone by.   Between our new book where we share our family stories of coming out of Russia and the passing of a dear friend's father and the stories she has shared, my mind continues to remember things that I haven't thought about for a long time.

This week, I'm preparing a speech for my brother and sister in law who are going to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  I'm remembering how excited I was to finally have a sister and I'm also realizing how quickly the years have flown by. 

They have chosen to celebrate by renewing their vows before family and close friends.   The reason they are doing this is because they want to give honour for their happy marriage to the Lord who has brought them this far.

While I was reminiscing, I pulled out the candle lighter dresses I wore in 1966.  The white one was for my brother and sister in law's wedding and the apricot dress was for my cousin's wedding later in the same year. My mom was all about keeping things that matter.  For many years, these little dresses were not called upon to shine but now it was fun to pull them out of the cedar chest and try them on my sweet grandgirls. While they had fun running around the garden with the dresses on, I thought about the times I wore them and how they would be enjoyed fifty years later.  

On Friday, Ken and Mary's  children and grandchildren will hear and see and be witnesses to what God has done in the lives of one couple who have been faithful to one another and who have made God a priority in their marriage. 

Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.
Psalm 103:2


  1. What a wonderful reason to celebrate and give thanks, especially so in today's age. The Lord has been their strength through many a challenge, I'm sure, but coming out together through them all is wonderful!
    BTW I love the wedding dress and knowing she is still a real version of the cuteness she was then!

  2. What an inspiration! 50 years of marriage... That is awesome♥

  3. What a cherished memory. The wedding picture right down to the bridesmaids dresses and and hair dos could have been my wedding picture from 1965. Yesterday would have been our 51st wedding anniversary.

  4. Congratulations to your aunt and uncle on their 50th wedding anniversary. It is quite an accomplishment. While looking at the pictures I noticed the formal picture seemed like one of the many photos my dad took. To my surprise I saw Del Montey Studio embossed at the bottom of it, which means that my dad did take the picture! I am so happy to see that his work is still making people happy to this day.

    1. That's just wonderful. Thank you for sharing. He took our wedding photos too!


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