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Bread for the Journey

Last year when getting ready to head to Vancouver Island for our vacation my friend brought me over this loaf of bread. She knew that I had been in need of some encouragement and she gave me this bread as a reminder to spend time in the Word where God would refresh my soul.

The 10 of us ladies here at Mennonite Girls Can Cook have in the recent months been focusing our thoughts on Jesus who is our Bread of Life (John 6:48).

There are times where our own personal journeys are a wonderful adventure, but the reality is that each of our journeys take us to places where we are in a dry and weary land or a place where we find ourselves asking God "where are You?"

2016 for our family began with the realization that our son in law's concussion from a sports accident  in November was more serious than they had thought. It's not been an easy journey for this young family but over the months they have found strength through Jesus as they have walked this road trusting in Him.

This year has also been one where we have been prayer supporters and encouragers for family and friends walking along very slippery slopes. We and others have reached out to them and they have hung onto God's hand ... at times feeling like they would loose their grip along the journey. God has and is always faithful.

My dad has struggled with a very weak heart and is now on the last steps of his earthly journey. He has been journeying for 87 years. He recognized his personal need for Jesus in his teens. His journey took on new meaning and purpose and he's walked with God since. Of course he's been on rocky roads, roads of sorrow, high plateaus, through dry land and fertile green pastures. God has been faithful to His promise to always be by our dad's side. Helping, forgiving, comforting, encouraging, shepherding, guiding, strengthening, loving.

Jesus has been our strength in these times. He's given us hope. Without hope we would be lost.
We've had some really great times along our journey ... even during the difficult parts. It's there we have learnt to lean on the Lord. To help each other. To take help from others. We've learnt how to pray more effectively. We've learnt to thank and even praise in the hard times, knowing that God inhabits the praises of His people.

The Word of God is nourishment for our daily lives. As we journey with the Lord He continues to refresh and strengthen us. I pray that you are journeying with the Lord. If not, I invite you to stop and invite Him into your life today. I know from experience that your journey will be complete with Him by your side. I promise you there will be valleys and mountain tops, but He promises that He will always be by your side.

John 6:48 "I am the bread of life".


  1. This year has been a very tough year for my husband and I with a cancer diagnoses. I put everything in God and the doctor's hands and so far things are going well but there still is a lot of stress. Before I close my eyes at night, I thank God for everything he has done for us and I instantly feel better. Thank you for your Bread for the Journey posts, they help a lot.

    1. Good morning. I'm stopping to pray for you and your husband this morning. May he comfort and sustain you and give you His peace

    2. Thank you Kathy. I have asked for prayers before and I am always answered. I'm sorry I have to be anonymous but truthfully I don't know how to do it any other way. Thank you again. Patty

  2. I like that you take time to publicly share your recipes for our tummies that can't get enough of the good stuff tp apease our appetites and that you a;so share some food for our souls. It doesn't get better than that. Prayers for your son's healing and for his family and love ones. Blessings.

  3. So sorry for the typos. i should have edited my comment before sending. Julia

  4. May the Lord continue to bless you as you walk faithfully in his path. Love MGCC

  5. What a beautiful testimony of faith and courage. It was a blessing to read this.....


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