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my photo taken in Hawaii

My Self-Talk

Either God is God,
Or I am.

Either God is all-knowing and wise,
Or I am.

Either I trust God to guide me,
Or I choose my own way.

Either I walk in God’s light,
Or I walk in my own darkness.

Either God’s promises are true,
Or I trust in my own uncertain hopes.

Either God has a good plan and purpose for my life,
Or I try to define my own.

Either I trust my cares and concerns to God’s keeping,
Or I carry my own worries and burdens.

Either I live in God’s rest,
Or I choose my own distress.
May I always remember, my best doesn’t even reach to God’s worst,
And His best far outreaches what I can think or imagine!
The choice is mine.

Will I trust Him?
by julie klassen


  1. Thank you for this poem. Your words are so true.

  2. beautiful and true and a wonderful reminder!

  3. Lovely. May I copy it? Isn't this just how it is? We do try to do all that we can. We must do that. But when do we let go? Prayer. More prayer. Let our hearts be drawn out......

    1. Yes. You may copy.... may the Lord's blessings fill your life.

    2. Thank you very much! God bless you, too. KD

  4. This was great. I copied it down... Thank you for sharing. With love Janice


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