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Saturday in Lovella's kitchen

A while back Ellen posted pictures of her kitchen so I thought I would take up the show and shine challenge and share some of mine too.  

The kitchen space is 18 X 11 including the dining area and 8 1/2 by 11 for just the kitchen area. 

We did this remodel 11 years ago.  

The floors throughout our main living area are tongue and groove fir that we stained, distressed and put coats of varathane over.  The floor started out being a satin finish but the wear of everyday use has turned it to a semi gloss.  

Cabinets and countertops are showing their wear but are still functional and clean up just fine for this farm bungalow. 

I've never had enough space to store my kitchen things but that is probably because I have too many things. 

I'm thankful for the island that gives me lots of drawer space for utensils, spices, linens, a treat drawer, dry goods, casserole dishes, plastic wrap, kitchen bags etc and of course everyone needs a plastic storage container drawer. 

The top cabinet on the right side of the oven is where I keep our everyday dishes and baking equipment. 

My bottom shelf is right above where I do all my mixing. 

Our everyday dishes are  plain white and inexpensive family style that take up minimal space in storage. 

Cabinet above the dishwasher.   I used to have many odd mugs which I've given away.  

Top corner cabinet where I keep mixing bowls, pie plates,  choppers and graters. 

Kitchen linen drawer. 
I have vintage linen tea towels that were handed down to my from my sister in law.
I love bar mop towels and dishcloths.  They are not overly expensive and can be bleached when necessary.  When it is time to buy new ones, I know that it will all match what is already in my drawer.  By the looks of this photo I can see it is nearly time to do a dishcloth switch over again. 

I could save a lot of space if I would buy smaller cartons of kitchen bags, foil, parchment, plastic wrap, but I'm stuck on the idea of rarely running out.  

Top shelf of the bottom kitchen corner cabinet is big pots, fry pans, oil and vinegar. 

Bottom shelf of the corner kitchen cabinet is flour, sugar, spring-loaded scoops that take up too much room in drawers and of course bread pans that I need to keep handy. 

Spice drawer is one of the narrow ones on the top row in the island. 

Bottom drawer in the island is for casseroles, serving bowls, pot holders and drying mats. 

Plastic containers.   I have a love hate relationship with them.  I hate them when I can't find lids to match the containers but I love them but more so when they are full of yummy food. 

The cabinet beside the stove has pull-out shelves. 

The bottom shelf has the pots and lids. 

The top pull out shelf has the toaster, hand mixer and coffee grinder. 
This shelf needs to be vacuumed often. 

I fully admit to be a gadget junkie.  
This is another one of the top drawers in the island. 

I should have a better place for knives but... this is where they are. 

Dry goods for baking and cooking are kept in the deeper drawers beside the stove.  

Odds and ends drawer. 

Cabinet beside the dishwasher for baking sheets, pizza pans, a splatter lid, cooling racks and chopping boards. 
Top shelf is the rolling pin, mat for rolling out pastry and dough and baking mats. 

As I was tidying this drawer I scolded myself saying that this drawer should really be used for better use but we've always had a treat drawer as long as we've been married so we'll stick with it for a bit yet.   Everyone in the family opens up this drawer to peruse the selection. 

And not in my kitchen but I'll share it because you might wonder...  I store small appliances, heavy pots, roasters,  and baking pans in our office closet.

It's a little bit scary opening all my drawers and cabinets for you but I know it's fun to see so I hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour!

I hope some of the others from our MGCC group will open their cabinets for a Saturday post.

The challenge is open!

Maybe you want to share some of your great storage ideas. 


  1. What a beautiful kitchen! And you are so organized! I really love the little rack that you used to display your tea cups and saucers....where did you get it? I have a few very pretty cups and saucers and can never think how to display them as I have such a small apartment.

    1. Janina, thank you! I found the tea cup racks at a country style gift store. If you type "vertical display wall teacup rack" into google search you will see lots of options. They were black and we sprayed them white.

  2. That was fun - thank you for inviting us into your kitchen! We've almost completed the remodeling of our kitchen but I'm stuck on what I want for countertop. Knowing that it will be well used in our kitchen, any suggestions?
    Marian Heinrichs
    St. Paul, MN

    1. I chose quartz and am so happy with it. It never needs more than a good wipe. And something a friend told me, don't get a black or dark brown quartz or granite as it shows all the spots and water drops.

  3. You have a beautiful, light filled kitchen, Lovella! You have it organized so well, and I know you enjoy cooking in it.

  4. I'm always rearranging things in my kitchen trying to find a more functional layout. Thanks for the ideas :)

  5. What a great kitchen! Thanks for the "show and shine" (in elementary school we called it "show and tell"!). You've given me some good ideas. I, too, have a love-hate relationship with plastic containers; they seem to reproduce spontaneously and take over whatever space they're in. I'm going to use your idea of storing lids in one of the larger containers.

  6. We always had a junk drawer--collecting all those little odds and ends--in the kitchen when we were growing up. It wasn't a drawer you wanted to really open for company to view! I sure like the idea of a treat drawer.

  7. Thanks for opening your cupboards Lovella. I found when we redid out kitchen, some of my best ideas were borrowed from other cooks.

  8. Wonderful view into your drawers and cupboards. Love the idea of the treat drawer.

  9. Where do you store your cookbooks? I find that's my biggest problem since I have so many.

    1. I hear you! That's been a dilemma of mine as well. I finally sorted which ones I use often and which ones I rarely use than then I put most of them in a bookshelf in our office. the rest which are used more often are in an antique armour in our living room which is where I am standing to take the picture of the kitchen, so they are quite close by.

  10. I loved this look around your kitchen. It's very homey and looks like a place that you would love to be at work.

    If your spices are in a drawer, you must look down at the tops of the lids...? That's how mine are, and I put labels on the tops so I know which is which. How do you know about yours?

    1. Ah yes! I used to have names on the tops of all of mine too. There are a few left like that and come to think of it they were labeled by my son before he was all grown up and so they should be thrown out since they are obviously not used often. I have a pretty good sense of where they are and try to put them back where I got them from. It is sometimes a guessing game. I should just get my labeler out and get them done properly!

  11. I'm going to repurpose one my many junk drawers into a treat drawer! Love that idea!

  12. Oh Lovella - what an organized kitchen. I could not be so brave to show mine - you have given me a challenge. Perhaps I should take a before picture and then after much editing and straightening, an after could perhaps be shared - eek! I see many of the same items that are found "somewhere" in my cupboards! Loved this post.

  13. I agree with Rosella. You are a brave girl to open up those cabinets and kitchen drawers and bare them to the world! Brave, yes...and organized!! Having recently moved, I am particularly interested in how and where things are in others' kitchens. I think that it is the most difficult room to organize from scratch. I am still tweaking...

    (I, too, have a treat drawer! For the grandchildren, of course. ~wink~)

  14. Oh, I liked this kitchen tour. We must be "kindred spirits" - crumbs around the toaster, Costco-sized necessities, and lots of gadgets!

  15. What a lovely and clean kitchen! Oh... I think I will clean my kitchen with your ideas!

  16. What a beautiful kitchen! It's so clean and tidy too. With a clean kitchen, one can make delicious and healthy foods.

  17. What a clean and tidy kitchen! Full of light too! Everything is put in certain place. The word that delicious and healthy foods are made from a clean kitchen is absolutely correct!

  18. Lovely kitchen! You make me more inspire to clean up my kitchen. Thanks.

  19. Thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful kitchen! My husband and I are empty-nesters and gathering ideas for having a small house built and I told him that I've found my inspiration for our kitchen. Those staged photos in magazines don't hold a candle to seeing a real, working, well-organized kitchen of a fellow baker and gadget-junkie. I love the little touches such as the extra shelf for the rolling pin and baking mats. Do you have a pantry cupboard for things like canned goods? Would you mind sharing what the square footage is of the kitchen area and the dining area? Thank you again for sharing! (My husband adds his thanks for the idea of the treat drawer.)

    1. Hi Chris, I pulled out the tape measure to measure the space. It is 18 X 11 for the full space and the kitchen alone from the wall to the edge of the island is 8 1/2 X 11. I do use a closet in the laundry room for pantry space. I'm so glad you enjoyed the kitchen tour!

  20. What beautiful and clean kitchen, you organised it so good. i love the way you store all dishes. Thanks for sharing it.

  21. Lovella, i enjoyed the tour through your kitchen cupboards... i agree... it would get me tidying up as well. Mostly, I'm impressed with your goodies drawer... We have always had a shelf in our pantry for the fun foods... I'll keep it going too! Janette


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