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Saturday's Tips from Judy's Kitchen

When it comes to cooking or baking, it seems one is always converting measurements.  Today's tips are all about 'how to measure up'!

Here are some links to free printable versions of handy kitchen charts.

I printed off this conversion chart many years ago and it is always right where I need it...taped inside my 'cupboard door' next to the measuring cups. 

Or this one...

Print out this guide (or download it to the favourites on your phone) and easily translate between metric and standard measurement units without having to Google it each time!

How about pan sizes?  Have you ever wanted to bake a cake in a different size than the one called for?  Here's a chart that will help you figure out what size you should be using.

(Click on image for printable view)

We often get comments on the blog about our recipes being TOO big!  Well...many recipes are easily made smaller.  The following chart helps you do the math.

And here's a chart for those of you who like to move your favorite oven-baked dishes to your slow cooker.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Thanks Judy. Such a practical post. For those of us who grew up with the imperial measurements, it's so good to have conversion charts to clear up the confusion that hits us when cooking.

  2. What a great gift to your viewers...would make a wonderful inclusion
    binder for a new bride.... this older bride really appreciates your
    kindness.... Many thanks.

  3. This is brilliant!!!! Thanks so much Judy.

  4. That is so handy. I' m going to print it off and keep it with my scales. Thank you

  5. This is really nice thank you.. Wish we could find a converstion for grams to cups etc.. With love Janice ps love all you recipes to


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