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Bread For The Journey

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 

This summer we travelled to Tofino British Columbia with our family.  
We spent day after day on the beautiful beach. The roar of the waves and the gentle breeze constantly reminded me that it is not creation itself that is worthy of worship but instead it is the creator who is worthy of our worship.  

When we came home I memorized this psalm and when worries creep into my mind, I put my focus where it belongs, in the one who is worthy of my trust!  I know I can trust in him because I am his!

We often hear when prayers are answered as hoped that God is good, 
but the Bible tells us clearly that God is good regardless of our circumstances.  
His love is forever steadfast and he is faithful to us and our children and to their children.

Give thanks to the Lord today;
bless  his name!


  1. AMEN! The Lord God who created creation is worth of praise. Bless His name forever!

  2. Amen from me too! A beautiful verse for this Thanksgiving Sunday and always.

  3. Beautiful scripture! Happy Sunday ♥

  4. I save these Bread for the Journey posts for when I can read them slowly and thoughtfully. They are always balm for my soul.

  5. A very good Psalm for Canadian Thanksgiving and also for all our American friends..


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