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Let's talk turkey!

Those of us who live in Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last month, but many of you live south of the border and are busy making plans for a Thanksgiving feast next week.  Let me pass along a few things that were part of our turkey dinner this year that may be of interest to you.

My grands all love raw veggies!  They much prefer them to cooked veggies and aren't all that fond of salads.  So a veggie platter with a slight resemblance to a turkey found its way to our table along with the hot vegetables.

Cooking the stuffing in a crockpot allows the unstuffed turkey to cook much quicker. It is also easy to double the recipe to serve a crowd.

Pinterest is a wonderful source of ideas.  It is where I found these cute editable and printable placecards by Bloom Design. Simply open the file in Adobe, click in each box to delete name and replace with your guest's name. Print on white or 'kraft' coloured card stock. Fold around a flat napkin or form a traditional napkin ring.  Simple to make...and a lovely touch on any Thanksgiving table!

And those are the Saturday tips or today!


  1. What a beautiful veggie platter. I may just do something like that this year. Thank you for the clever idea.

  2. That turkey grabbed my eye... I copied your Christmas tree veggie platter one year. I could do it again. My grands are like me...raw veggies are good.

    1. One of these turkeys is in the fridge now. He came out pretty cute even if I didn't remember exactly what to put on my grocery list. Will send a pic.

  3. Hey - that turkey is adorable!! I almost always make or reheat my dressing in the crock pot. So convenient! Your printable napkin rings are just the best idea!


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