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Grilled Peppers with Tomatoes and Feta Flashback Friday

For Flashback Friday, I am bringing back my recipe for Grilled Peppers
Harv and I did them for supper last week but added a few ingredients to the filling.
He thought black olives would be a great addition and I chose to add diced green peppers.
Either way, they make a colourful and delicious side dish.
We served them with grilled Basil Italian sausages from the grocery store and a big green salad.
With barbeque season beginning, you might enjoy making these.

Just a note about our Flashback Friday Posts.
Because of comments from some readers who've had trouble locating recipes on our blog,
we've decided to change the way we handle the Flashback Friday recipes. 
Today I am posting it in the new format.
From now on we will be posting an updated photo of the recipe we are featuring with a short description and will add a link to the original recipe.
In this way all the original comments on the recipe will be preserved.
We will also make a new Flashback Friday category in our index so you can see which recipes are worthy of a second post.
I hope this eliminates problems with finding that recipe you're looking for.

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  1. Oooo - a colourful side indeed! That looks amazing. These would be great to make on our upcoming road trip with the RV! I love the flashback Fridays and this new format is a great idea (I also enjoy looking back at the comments and the dates when it was first published). Thanks!


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