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Bread For The Journey

Spring is here. It's a season of new growth, as we watch grass sprouting and blossoms bursting forth.
New life is exciting and that's just what we want to reflect upon today as we think of the new life that Jesus has promised each and everyone of us.

This past week I walked along the ocean shoreline alone, and I stopped many times to pause and ponder what Jesus would of  encountered on his last final walk to Jerusalem?
How would you respond to life if you knew you had one week to live?  Where did Jesus make his final stop? Jesus spent his last week in Bethany, located on the eastern slopes of Mount of Olives, a few miles from Jerusalem.  Mary, Martha and Lazurus were His best friends.  This was his favorite place of rest and refuge, just like any other human being He needed a safe spot,
While Jesus was in Bethany, he raised Lazarus from the dead.  Mary seemed to understand Jesus' words about his future death. Here we see Mary's extravagant gesture for Jesus as she poured her perfume over him.  What does that tell us?  Let's not miss the opportunity to share our affections for others.  Write that letter, make that apology, purchase that gift. Seize that moment.

This week while reading the story to my grandchild of Jesus' triumphant march into to Jerusalem on a donkey, I was once again reminded of the word pictures that have been used to illustrate His triumphant victory to all ages.  Why did he use a donkey?  A donkey is known to be of most insignificant of animals.  I've pondered over this, thinking whether it was difficult to give up a donkey?  Did the owner know that Jesus was to ride this lowly animal? What is God asking of us? We each have something that God wants from us.  Will it be significant?   Maybe we can make a meal, or write a cheque, or create a computer program.  Our gifts belong to God and how can we visually use these gifts for God in a daily way.  After all this donkey knew that Jesus needed a ride. And as Jesus rode down the path, crowds threw their coats on the ground, they cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. They showed honor and respect as they cheered, just as you would welcome home any athletes returning from major sporting events, by participating in parades and honoring them by waving flags and cheering.

"Hosanna to the Son of David!,
 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!  
Hosanna in the Highest."  
Matthew 21:9

And how quickly those that had been there to welcome him, as King of the Jews, now turned on him and quickly demanded his death penalty. They believed that Jesus was there to save and rescue them. Many believed that he was going to overthrow the Roman empire.  They believed he would become their earthly king, but he had other plans. Jesus wanted to become King of their Hearts.
As we continue to walk along the journeys of our families and friends let's continue to share the stories of Jesus's heart for all those little ones.  Have we been hand-picked to care for someone who is empty and lost?  You may be their only source of HOPE!  We know that the heart of Jesus will never never give up on his children until they are found.  Jesus wants to become King of our Hearts.  Jesus came to bring new life for every man.  Let's embrace him today. 

How would you respond to life if you had one week to live?


  1. Thank you Marg for these thoughtful words and questions. Good things to ponder...

  2. Yes indeed, how would we spend our last days if we knew? Thanks for encouraging me to ponder and think on these things.


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