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Saturday in Ellen's Kitchen

Here are two gadgets that I've enjoyed using in my Kitchen in the past year. Many of you are probably using these already but maybe some of you will benefit from my tips in using these gadgets...

I've been in the habit of using this type of scoop (which comes in different sizes) to dip into cookie dough and release onto the cookie sheet. Your cookies will be uniform and will bake evenly.

I've had this next tool in my kitchen drawer for a long time but really haven't put it to use until we were planning our new cookbook.

I used it to score the English cucumber for our cucumber sandwiches. I like the visual effect that it has and the added interest it gives to the cucumber bite!

Saturday in my kitchen is never the same one week from the next. I know a lot of you grew up with some great discipline on your Saturdays with clean up and getting ready for Sunday. My house wasn't that organized or disciplined growing up and so I didn't initiate any strong Saturday schedules with my family either. Our kids also played a lot of organized sports growing up and Saturdays sometimes meant rushing from one field to the next catching all the soccer, baseball, or basketball games.
We still made being in Sunday services a priority every week no matter what was happening on Saturday.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. The scoring gadget is it could do radishes too. I remember in high school home ec being taught to drag fork tines through cucumber skins to get a similar effect. And using a gadget to make radish roses. Details that add to the visual beauty so are with the moment's effort.

  2. Love the cookie dough scooper -- it will surely save using fingers and kids' temptations to lick them after cookie has been put on the baking sheet! Also, what kind of cookies are those in the picture? They look like something my grandmother used to bake for Mennonite bake sales at her church!

    1. The cookies are pumpkin spice and they are on our website.

  3. I can identify with not having a "proper" Saturday routine even though my mother surely did! I think working during the week may have something to do with this. Today, however, I am motivated to get laundry, cleaning, dishes etc. done - even some baking! I work best under pressure or when I'm stressed. I like your cucumbers and I too like to use my cookie dough scoop. My mom used to use a fork to score bananas that she added to the fruit salad - so pretty! Have a great weekend Ellen!

  4. The cookie scoop is a well used gadget in my kitchen but I didn't know what the other gadget was for. I'll be picking one up now that I know what a neat job it does.

  5. I just picked up a cookie scoop last week when I asked my stepmum why her cookies were always perfectly shaped. It makes the scooping process SO much easier too!

  6. Couldn't bake without my cookie scoop. Those cucumbers are terrific...don't have that tool.

  7. I have a cookie scoop that size and love it! If the recipe says you get 4 dozen, thats how many you get using this tool!

    I also have one of those cucumber deals and had no idea what it was. Someone told me it was a orange grater but it never worked good for that, but now I'll try it with the cukes!

    Always good ideas from MGCC!

    Jo in MN

  8. My daughter commented and said to me...You taught me to use a fork...LOL
    They are so cute. I love that little gadget.

  9. I have both tools. I use the second to get really fine citrus zest for the tops of my pound cakes etc. Any tips for cucumber sandwiches? My daughter would like to have an English style tea with these sort of sandwiches and other dainties for her confirmation of faith brunch/lunch. Love the Saturday column. Missed you this weekend. Our internet was down.


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