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Saturday in Kathy's Kitchen

Several years ago some competition began to happen in my kitchen.

We were in need of a new BBQ and after some research we decided to purchase a Big Green Egg, which is a ceramic kamado style cooker. Shortly after purchasing one we decided to purchase a small Big Green Egg that we could use at home and take camping and on day trips.
The Big Green Egg has amazing heat retention. Temperature control is easy to regulate and we have found that food is moister and more flavourful when cooked on the egg. It uses lump charcoal fuel which burns clean and adds a delicate wood flavour to food.

While I continued to cook and bake in the kitchen I realized that my husband was beginning to show interest in cooking on the Egg, and soon there I found that I was not the only one looking up recipes and creating recipes of my own. Let's just say the 'competition' has been very impressive and enjoyed.
Our grand kids have always enjoyed pulling up the kitchen stool to help me, but with grandpa's new cooker, rain or shine they are quite happy to help him cook too.
Even in the winter our small Green Egg comes along with us. After a long hike or  morning of snow shoeing he fires it up and we make anything from a hot sandwich, hot dogs and burgers. I love that he is always a good sport and we enjoy these adventures together.
The small Egg also comes along when we go RV'ing. I stir up the dough, he heats the pot and gets the Egg up to temperature. In goes the dough and out comes fresh bread. This was no knead multi grain. We also bake cinnamon buns. We enjoy when ther campers stop by our site to see what's cooking and we are able to invite them for a slice of fresh bread and home made jam.
I'd never made lobster in the kitchen, but we had often BBQ'd steaks on our old BBQ. We've treated ourselves to steak and lobster done on the Egg....fantastic! He even made twice baked potatoes.  I'd say I'm a tad spoiled.
Then he pulls out the stops and makes appetizers. Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with chorizo and cream cheese. Teryaki chicken and water chestnut skewers. For my addition to this meal I needed some freshly roasted garlic, so I put a whole clove of garlic with olive oil and fresh rosemary in my ceramic garlic roaster and placed it on the grill. Why heat up the inside oven.
Spicy shrimp cooked on a cedar plank and cherry tomatoes filled with feta and fresh basil.

When the family comes over there's nothing like a feast of hot wings. ....
....or racks of ribs that he allows to cook for hours. They literally fall off the bone.
I'm glad that the kids still like to peak into my inside oven to see what I'm cooking for them.

And then one day I came home and looked out my kitchen window. Now what?
The answer...."I'm cold smoking bacon". In our second fridge I had noticed about a week early several large pieces of meat. When I asked about it he just smiled and said, "you'll see".
These pork belly's from the butcher had been curing in the fridge, were then cold smoked, thinly sliced and vacuumed sealed. It's fantastic!
And to serve a crowd he's seasoned a pork butt with his special recipe rub and it cooks for up to 16 hours. The aroma gets better and better. Internal temperature is key when cooking on the Egg. Pulled pork, tender and juicy.
I love kitchen gadgets and I have found that he's acquired quite a selection of gadgets for cooking on the Egg.
You've never tasted such juicy drumsticks!

I welcome the competition in my kitchen....wouldn't you!


  1. Oh yes, I certainly would! (All my husband can do is fry cornflakes.) This looks fabulous!

  2. My goodness that all looks so fantastic! I would welcome that competition for sure. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of those wonderful dishes are prepared by your hands too before they hit the egg. Yum!

  3. The feasts that the green eggs provide are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I would love the seasoning rub that your husband uses on pork butt. I'm wanting to smoke one real soon and don't have a clue what to season it with.

    1. Hi Carmelia, here's what he uses.

      4 tsp Brown sugar
      4 tbsp paprika
      2 tbsp garlic powder
      2 tbsp onion powder
      2 tbsp fine salt
      2 tbsp ground cumin
      2 tbsp ground corriander
      2 tbsp dried oregano

      Rub mustard generously all over an 8 pound pork butt.
      Mix together above rub and coat pork.
      Place in a non reactive pan and cover with plastic wrap.
      Place in fridge over night or up to 12 hours.
      He cooks this at 250-270ºF for 17 hours. He pulled it when the internal was 205ºF.
      Allow to rest for 1/2 hour and pull apart.
      Use your favorite BBQ sauce for pulled pork. We keep it in a crock pot to stay tender and hot for serving.

  5. Nice! We have a big green egg, but don't use it as much as your husband does! What are the things in the bottom pic under the grate that looks like foil wrapped bricks? Are they for heat retention or support?

    1. Hi Andrea, my husband needed to raise the grate so he just covered bricks with foil. Worked great!

  6. I don't care about eating earthworms but I wish that my husband would even try to Bar-B-Q on the old grill. I'd be satisfied with that, or a new one for that matter. lol. Is your husband a chef? You are being spoiled lucky you.

  7. What is your address anyway, I am on my over for dinner:)

  8. My mouth is literally watering at the sight of all that delicious looking food! I am especially intrigued with the idea of baking bread in the Green Egg! WOW!

  9. Oh my. It all looks and sounds fabulous. I want to go to my fidge and get something to eat but there's nothing like this in it! They all look gorgeous--and that bread! Who knew?

  10. That drumstick gadget is brilliant!!!

  11. Rosemary B here
    Well, this is so great. the steak and lobster, I could go for that.
    My hubby cannot cook inside or outside, and he is not at all interested.
    This is a great hobby that your hubbs has developed. Always trying new things and keeping it healthy too.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and passion for good food

  12. I just saw a Bobby Flay show yesterday and he was using the same grill. Everything you made sounds wonderful. Would you please share the recipe for the no-knead whole grain bread? GThanks.

    1. Nancy, here are the instructions for the no knead bread baked in the oven.

  13. Oh my Kathy - your man has raised the bar!


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