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Bread For The Journey

I have always loved Spring. 
It is a season of fresh life and promises kept!  
I remember, even as a child, I watched for the trilliums in the forest in our back acres, 
that bloomed as one of the first signs of spring. 
The crocuses in my garden ignore traces of snow to give evidence that spring is coming! 
From my study window I watch the changing of the seasons.
With a smile of relief I see my wild bunny has survived the winter. 
I see my lilac tree that looked so dead for months, 
bursting forth its leaves and fragrant blossoms. 

Millennia ago God promised that season would follow season , 
a promise we find in Gen. 8:27 
"While the earth remains, 
Seedtime and harvest, 
and cold and heat, 
and winter and summer, 
and day and night 
shall not cease!"  

Spring to me is evidence of the goodness of God's promises. 
No matter how 'dead' the winters of our life seasons are, 
spring will come 
and bring life where we saw only death, 
bring fragrance and colour 
where we felt only the oppression of sorrow and darkness,
and faced  questions that had no answers.  
No matter how hopeless we feel,
no matter how long the winter endures, 
spring will come. 
God promised. 

Though today you may cry with the Psalmist, 
"Has His mercy ceased forever? Has His promise failed forevermore?" 
may you also shout with him the answer ...
"NO, Spring is coming!"
"You are the God who does wonders! You have declared your strength among the peoples ,
You have with Your arm redeemed Your people. You led your people like a flock."
(Psalm 77:8,14,15,20)


  1. Amen and Amen sister!!!!! Breathe HIS presence! That was beautiful! Spring is wondrous! Lucy

  2. Through the week you feed my tummy, on Sunday you feed my sole. The changing seasons, who can not believe. Praise God!

  3. Quel magnifique billet aux couleurs et senteurs de printemps !!:) merci ..

  4. One can see the beautiful spring in your photo ,, as we must wait until about Mid /end of msy to even get close to seeing the that beauty ,,

    Do love all the season,s ..just a person gets a bit anxious for the next .. in God;s time it will come .. Must attend a very sad funeral today .. thanks for sharing the beauty you have ,,

  5. What a Beautiful Post...

    I think our lives reflect the nature that God has given us .. it all comes in seasons .. some beautiful and some not so beautiful .. but in the end he is always there leading us and that's the beauty in it all.

    Happy Spring

  6. I am delighted to find this website today...and I thank you for the lovely thoughts about Spring. My sentiments exactly. Looking forward to reading more. So thankful for the gift of Spring from our Lord...following a long winter...not just in seasons, but in life too. Sometimes we allow ourselves to slip into a winter frame of mind and forget that spring is coming...time to rise and shine! I needed that reminder today, and it seems as though everywhere I look, God is reminding me...rise and shine!


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