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Bread for the Journey

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
 I will counsel you and watch over you.
Psalm 32:8 NIV

We are on a road trip, visiting the Colorado Rockies for the first time.  To get here we passed through five states with many interesting stops along the way.  Until this road trip, I have always been the navigator.  Though I was never at the wheel, I was the one who determined which way the wheel turned.   The map would lie on my lap, or nearby...and the driver obediently turned the wheel when I said so.  It was actually a good system without too many major problems, though there have been a few!  After thirty-nine years as the navigator, I have been replaced by a GPS.  It is our first major GPS road trip and 'the voice of Jane' is our new guide.  Though I spent a lot of time checking up on her at the start I have now given up on the maps and let her do the leading.

I had to think of how reluctant we often are to allow God to lead.  He has given us His own tools for navigating through life...God's Positioning System.  He gave us the Bible, words to guide us in our daily life.  He also gave us the Holy Spirit to teach and lead us.

How is your journey going?  God knows where you are and the road that lies ahead.  He knows your past and your future.  Let God be your GPS for life and you will arrive at your final destination safely.


  1. Very nice......thank you!

  2. Beautiful photo !
    How very true...we are so reluctant to 'give up and let God'. But how much more blessed we are when we do!
    Well said, Judy!

  3. I've noticed that when I pay attention to God's GPS system and obey. . .I miss less turns and the route may not make any more sense. .but I am at peace. I'd rather be at peace than most anything else.
    Thank you Judy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this devotional! Beautiful photo! Have a blessed trip with many new adventures planned by the Lord.

  5. Thank you Judy..words to take to heart.
    I smiled when you called your GPS Jane, ours is Lena pronounced in German.
    Enjoy your trip!

  6. Good luck with Jane...I have a little trouble not talking back to the Janes of GPS world.

    Please say a prayer for our friends and neighbors dealing with the Delhi, Iowa flood.

  7. Great post Judy...I like that, "God's Positioning System". Somehow I think many people could relate to this post. Well said.
    Hubby calls our GPS "beautiful" - he likes to say she's the reason we bought this vehicle! I have to agree, I appreciate her a lot :)

  8. Thank you for these encouraging words. I feel like they were meant just for me. Have a great trip.

  9. Very good reminder to let God be my GPS - I love the analogy. I think your "rest" on Sundays to stop for the "Bread for the Journey" is terrific! It just seems so right to get our "beings" onto the spiritual food which we so desperately need when our days are so full with fulfilling our physical requirements for food on an ongoing basis.

    It's a great testimony to your Christian faith to see how well you work together on this site and promote each other so generously.
    God bless all you wonderful Gals at MGCC.

  10. We live in the Colorado Rockies!! I was born and raised in Abby, BC, so wish we could have 'hooked' up!! Did you got down to the Four Corners? If so, you may have passed thru Montrose on Hwy 50/550, and could have stopped in for a break!! Next time, eh?


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