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Food Presentation

Don't be afraid to skip adding a dip. Fresh fruit stands tall on it's own.
Fruits and vegetables presented beautifully can become the centre piece for your table this summer.

Today the 10 of us girls have the rare treat of all being together.
We're going to a high tea.
Food presentation will be a treat for the eyes as well as delicious!


  1. Yeah - so looking forward to seeing it all!!! Have a great time you gals....

  2. Lovely!! Enjoy the day.

  3. The sun is shining and we're having a wonderful time together. It is such a treat to sit face to face with several of the gals that we only see once or twice a year.
    Kathy - you always make the food at your table look so beautiful. It only takes a few minutes, a bit of imagination and the results make your family and friends feel so special. When I see a pretty table it reminds me of my mom who loved to set a pretty table.

  4. I went to a high tea only once ... a nice few hours getaway for my daughter's bridesmaids and myself. The dainty servings and presentation were magnificent, and I got to try tea in flavors I would never have thought to try otherwise. I hope yours is as wonderful.

  5. I do hope you all behave yourselves and have a wonderful time. (You know I am only joking about the behaving part!)

    Jo in MN

  6. Have a wonderful day! A get-together like that is a gift :)

  7. How interesting! I hope you post pictures and tell us about it. Enjoy!

  8. That looks so beautiful! What a great presentation! Rhoda

  9. I definitely enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing this. I’m looking forward to seeing more creative food presentations and posts from you.


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