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A year ago we welcomed a new grandson into the family on the same day of his grandpa's birthday.
I've watched this little one during the year and in particular the other day it occurred to me that the relationship once one-sided is becoming a bond between the two. 

  •  0 -  2 months...he valued the strong secure arms that willingly carried him when it was necessary to wait until Mommy's arms were free.
  • 3 - 4  months... he valued those same strong arms bouncing him on his lap.
  • 5 - 6  months...he counted on those strong arms to keep him from toppling while he learned to sit.
  • 7 - 8 months... those strong arms held out encouragement for him to crawl towards a goal.
  • 9 - 10 months...those strong arms reached down allowing the grasp of tiny fingers as he tentatively took his first steps.
  • Tomorrow he will be a year ....  and he runs to the arms of the Grandpa who has always smiled encouragement and has loved him...even before he loved Grandpa back.

We can't even begin to compare human relationships with the relationship between us and God and yet  God created these relationships in part so that we can see the heart of God and his faithfulness to us even before we can see our need for him.  We can never know the mind of God but we have seen his heart of love towards man kind.  He longs to have us reach out to him and wants us to communicate with him.  

Father in heaven, thank you for the beautiful examples of human relationships that you have given us.  Thank you for the gift of families and for each opportunity to share life together.
Lord, may we be faithful in speaking love into the lives of these little ones so that when they grow older and need wise counsel, we will have built a safe place for them to invite examples from our own life experience.   Teach us Lord and give us hearts to be more like Christ each day.
In all this Lord... we give you glory and praise.
In Jesus name,

For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.
Psalm 100:5


  1. So true, Lovella. I John 4:19 comes to my mind... "we love Him because He first loved us!"
    How easy and natural it is to respond to love poured out upon us !
    Love the photo !!

  2. Beautiful word picture! And the promise in Psalm 100...that His faithfulness is to all generations.

  3. This is amazing!! Thank you again for making my day!!!

  4. Such a beautiful visual and example of our heavenly Father's love! May we, like a child, draw near and know the love that loved us before we were born.

  5. What a beautiful testament on how our father loves us! My own father had those same strong and loving arms for his children and grandchildren. What an example he was for us to know how much our heavenly father loves us even more than that!

  6. Thank you for a wonderful post! I love your blog!


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