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Are you all wondering what to make for quick summer lunches?
My new favorite purchase from the bread aisle are the thin multigrain 100 calorie buns.
I use them for hamburgers or chicken burgers and also for making little individual pizzas.

  • one thin bun per person. ..or more for hungry boys
  • one jar pizza sauce  ( I like the jars because I can put the lid back on and store for the week in the refrigerator)
  • one lean slice Canadian bacon or ham. .pepperoni. .what ever your kids like
  • shredded Italian or mozzarella cheese
  • fresh sliced veggies from your garden
  1. Lay down a piece of parchment paper on your cookie sheet for easy clean up.
  2. Put down a cookie cooling rack so that your pizza's crisp underneath.
  3. Spread on a little pizza sauce.
  4. Layer meat, cheese and veggies last.  (unless you need to hide the veggies. .then put them under the meat. .chopped very fine)
  5. Broil until the cheese melts and browns.
  6. Lunch under ten minutes. . . .and the older kids can make their own.


  1. Lovella, where do you get such a great cooling rack? My baking always falls through the wires that only run in one direction, with gaps where the welds have let go!

    I think another plus to this summer pizza would be only using a small convection oven, to save on heating up the house!

  2. Reminds me of the english muffin pizza's that we use to make as a child. Richard from Amish Stories

  3. Great idea! I'm going to make those today for my of them is a growing 13 year old eating machine.

  4. I was son LOVED them..he ate 4!

  5. these are a quick & fun lunch idea - we've been making them for years!

  6. I love the multigrain sandwich thins too! Thanks for giving me another way to use them.


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