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Roast Chicken

I know that there are alot of good roast chicken recipes out there, but my son is a real foodie and told me that we need to pizzaz up this very plain I have to credit him with the recipe, and he would have to credit the t.v. show Tyler's Ultimate. It is not exactly the same recipe but I think it is inspired from that.
He loves medditaranean flavours so we combinded a variety of spices and lemon, onion and garlic and voila..........
1 roast chicken
season the inside and out well with salt, pepper, oregano and thyme
stuff the cavity with a
small onion, cut in half
1 head of garlic, with the top cut off
1 lemon, cut in half (I used an orange once too when we had no lemons, it was very good)
lay bacon strips on top
Bake in an open roaster at a 425 for for 20-25 minutes until bacon is crisp (save for a salad)
Cover the roast and bake at 375 for 1-1/2 hours.
Serve with Roasted Potatoes or make a very tasty gravy with the pan drippings and serve with Mashed Potatoes. DELISH!


  1. This sounds sooo easy and tasty. I make roasted chicken almost every Sunday and this would be a nice variation. My family loves bacon and I'm sure it adds a delicious depth of flavor. I love your site...thanks for all of the recipes.

  2. Char..I bet the bacon gives the chicken a nice flavour. And then you use the bacon for salad..yum yum! I am trying this the next time I have chicken and bacon in my house at the same time!!

  3. Oh Char...this sounds similar to what I do bacon. Yum....I love Mediterranean ... I must have a little Greek or Middle East somewhere in my blood...ha! But at least I have been introduced to the flavours of that sun kissed regions...thankfully....and this ranks right up there with all those good recipes. Thanks for the post Char!

  4. The chicken looks fabulous! I have a question - the biscuits or rolls on your blog you all have a recipe for THOSE??? They look divine. My aunt used to make something that looked very similar called Angel Biscuits. If you have a recipe to share I would love it. I really enjoy your blog and all the wonderful recipes. I've had you on my blog favorites for a long time - for some reason I just don't usually leave a comment when I visit!

    Have a perfect weekend, ladies...Kathy

  5. Please come to my blog!! I have an award for you!!

  6. Audrey... thankyou for the award, that is always exciting, especially from a fellow prarie girl.
    kathy...the rolls you see are called Zwieback posted under the category of mennonite foods and the recipe of angel biscuits are made with yeast right, well if those are the ones check under lovella's blog she has a recipe like that, under the heading biscuits, those are made with yeast.

  7. I think the bacon fat dripping down the food makes a lot of the flavor. Nothing sick about it. All of the flavors listed sound really wonderful. I am going to try this one right away!

  8. I make a roast chicken very much like this and use either fresh thyme or rosemary. (I'll have to try the bacon next time, too!)
    It's one of our favorite meals! Doesn't the lemon make ALL the difference! Yum!

  9. Charlotte, the roast chicken looks just awesome. I have a friend that always puts bacon on her turkey .. never thought of putting it on a roasting hen.


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