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This way of doing bacon and eggs originates from the year I met my husband.
That summer, I was a counselor at Columbia Bible Camp (now Stillwood Camp) here in BC. 
We took our girls on an overnight hike and made these for breakfast - fried up on the bottom of one of those large juice cans tipped over a fire.
 It's much easier to make them in a frying pan!
They are great for camping trips because you get bacon, eggs and toast in one handy package 
and you only need one pan.
Wranglers are now a family favourite and hardly a week goes by without making them at least once or twice for breakfast or for a quick lunch.

For each wrangler you will need:
  • 1 piece of bread
  • 1 slice of bacon
  • 1 egg
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cut a circle out of the middle of the bread slice.
  2. Cut strip of bacon in half.
  3. Place bacon halves side by side in frying pan and fry until brown.
  4. Turn bacon pieces over and lay bread over the bacon.
  5. Crack egg into the hole and sprinkle with salt and pepper.Turn heat down and cook until egg white begins to turn cloudy. You can cover the pan if you like.
  6. Flip the wrangler over and continue to cook uncovered until desired doneness.
Voilá - bacon eggs and toast and only 1 pan to wash.


    1. Can you believe I've never made Wranglers? When you see the post on my blog tomorrow, you will see how unbelievable that is. . .I'll be making these very shortly. . Thanks Bev,

    2. i learned how to make these in home economics class in high school, just a few years ago, grin.
      i make these for the family once in a while and chnge the shape according to the season. last time i made them i used a bell shape cookie cutter. thanks for posting this, i never would have thought of it. (we call them egg in hole, not so original is it).

    3. Oh this makes me long for those 'sleep in mornings' of yesteryear ... getting up to the smell of something special being made just for moi! I do that now for my son! This is a neat trick...will have to try this Bev....when is brekkie served at your house..ready for company?

    4. I remember those day Bev. I think we did those together.
      We've always identified them as a "Bird in a Nest" and every time we go camping, yes, we make those over the camp fire.
      My little Levi loves them.

    5. Haven't had these in a long time..when my oldest daughter was in grade school her teacher taught the class how to make these for their Mother's for breakfast on Mother's Day. Thanks for bringing back these memories, Bev!

    6. Wow! That's clever! I can't wait to make those.

    7. Yum, that does look good. Your making me hungry!

    8. I actually have never heard of Wranglers, but oh my goodness, they look good! Thank you for your sweet comments. I love your blog!

    9. This is one of the first things I learned to make and for some reason it seems to me it was my younger brother who may have shown me. . . he's somehow connected to the memory anyways.
      We used 4 little cirles of some kind of sausage (something like farmer sausage?) that mom had in the fridge.

    10. Okay - I've managed to NOT make any of your mouth watering recipes in the month or so of reading your blog. Only because of diet restrictions of my husband's. But today - we are having this for lunch (we must have our oatmeal for breakfast, I hate oatmeal, but Dr. says good for cholesterol reduction). We will use turkey bacon and home made all whole wheat honey bread (we grind our own grain). Just can't wait - I can already smell it and I think I just drooled. Bellen

    11. I made a wrangler for my husband this morning for breakfast. He kinda looked puzzled at the plate. I told him it's supposed to be fun and he just sat down and ate it as if it were an everyday occurence. I did think it was fun and enjoyed making it for him. Have a wonderful day. Jancd

    12. I've never heard of Wranglers...but I have now...and we will try them shortly!

    13. OOOh I love those.. my sister used to make them for me when I was a little girl, LOL...Now I will have to make one for breakfast tomorrow, and eat it all, while I am covered in a warm blankie...I just love your blog!!

    14. I used to make something like this for my sister when she was little. It was the only way we could get her to eat her eggs.

    15. We used to have these as kids, too, and we also called them Bird's Nests :) The only difference being, we spread the bread with margarine first so it ended up brown and crispy - but most likely the bacon grease does the same thing?

    16. I used to make these all the time when I first learned to cook. My mom called them eggs in a basket. I need to teach my kids to cook these. I know what I am having for breakfast...Nummmmmmers!


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