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Bread for the Journey

Last week one day we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took our bikes into Vancouver.

While we were there I noticed how safe we felt and how other people observing basic rules of bicycle lanes and pedestrian traffic made everyone's leisure time enjoyable.  There were police on ATV's checking out the beach but they didn't seem to have any concerns either.   

At one stop, we were offered free bike valet, keeping our bikes safe while we walked around the market. They began to offer this service because thieves had been stripping down everything off of locked bikes since they couldn't steal bikes themselves.

I thought to myself... such fools!  

It reminded me of the summer series we have been enjoying at church and all the good bits of advice that Proverbs offers.  There is plenty of things said about fools and lots of words on probable outcomes for those that heed wisdom.  We are learning about embracing wisdom. 
"The book of Proverbs shows that the Bible cares about both eternal matters that deal with Heaven and Hell, and temporal matters that we engage with everyday.  In a world where there are voices screaming at us from every angle about what is good, true and beautiful, Proverbs provides the still small voice of Lady Wisdom to teach us what is generally (but not always) true, so that those who are willing to listen can live the good life here and now."  (Northview Community Church website)

If you are looking for some great food for thought as you enjoy your leisure time this summer, check out my church's summer series called Wise Up.  

My son, pay attention to what I say. Remember my commands.  Listen to wisdom, and do your best to understand.  Ask for good judgment. Cry out for understanding. Look for wisdom like silver. Search for it like hidden treasure. If you do this, you will understand what it means to respect the Lord, and you will come to know God. 

Enjoy your leisure time!

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  1. We are really enjoying this series on wisdom. It's amazing how something written so long ago can
    be so applicable today!


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