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Bread For The Journey

My husband snapped the above photo of a baby crow crying impatiently for his mother
 to hurry with the food she was bringing him. 
Though he was crying - it was his very cry that brought the food 
- what mother's beak could resist that mouth? 

 I smiled looking at the photo..... and I wondered...

Do we sometimes go without because we do not 'cry' for it ?  
The baby crow did not cry because he had no 'faith' - 
oh no, he never doubted 
 that his mouth would be filled.. 

Too often we cry out to God as a last resort when we have exhausted all other options. 
Yet, maybe God wants us to be like the baby crow, 
crying out for what we need.
Impatient - yet knowing our cry will be answered.

Here the promise of our heavenly Father.....
"... Ask and it will be given you ..." 
Luke 11:9
"Open your mouth wide and I will fill it ... "
Psalm 81:10b


  1. Julie, I needed that his morning. "Impatient - yet knowing our cry will be answered" I will continue to cry for the need that is on my heart.

  2. Beautiful post, Julie. I have been crying to God a lot in recent months and know I must be more like this lovely baby crow and have more faith that my prayers will be answered and to accept the answer God has for me.

  3. God teaches us through nature. About 10 years ago as I was doing the St Ignatius Exercise, I was sitting quietly one morning during time alone with God, I sat waiting for what God was communicating to me after a short scripture reading and nothing was coming to me. I sat there waiting close to an hour as was required, the same spider I saw waiting patiently for her food was still there and had not moved. This made quite an impact on me and I learned from this spider to be patient and trust. After 10 years, I still remember this lesson. It was exactly what the scripture was telling me. Thanks for reminding me of this.God does provide for us. We need patience and trust.


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