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Saturday in Ellen's Kitchen

When I shared my previous Saturday in Ellen's Kitchen I was asked to show more of my kitchen space. Here are several views of my kitchen/dining area pointing out some of my favorite features. This view is taken from our family room.
When you come into our house from the front door after coming up a short flight of stairs you would enter our kitchen from this doorway. 
This large island is one of our favorite features in this area. It is a great prep area and we use it for buffet service, too. The 2 large drawers in the middle of the island house everything I need for prepping food. These next photos show how large and cluttered full the drawers can be packed.
There are two large drawers like these under our Range top, too.
I'm a fan of gas for stove top cooking. My ovens are electric.
I took these photos right after I deep cleaned this area. My kitchen gets cluttered and messy everyday if I cook. It only stays this nice if I stay out of it!

We recently put in wood floors and we are happy with this choice for our kitchen, family room and entry ways. 

These are the views I have in Spring from my kitchen sink window. Having a window above my sink is a favorite feature of my kitchen, too.  
Thank you for taking the time to scroll through all these photos of my kitchen area. What are your favorite features in your kitchen?


  1. My favorite is the bold splash of color...and the fantastic prep space, too !

  2. Ellen, what did you use for the window treatment over your kitchen sink? I am wanting to make a change at my windows. Your kitchen looks very welcoming. :)

    1. Elaine, those are 6 cloth napkins layering and overlapping each other slightly. I just draped them over a strong piece of twine.

  3. We have our stove top in the center island. It's great, since everyone can help stir as they walk past. I also finally got a double oven, just before Christmas. I'll be making 2 of your recipes, for church, tomorrow, then cooking a brisket.

  4. Ellen, you have served many meals from your kitchen and that is what makes it amazing. A kitchen is only useful if it is used. I love those antique pieces you have and you have the perfect spaces to show them off. Keeping your prep things in one deep drawer is a great idea!

  5. I love the cheery green color! So nice!

  6. Your kitchen is lovely and appears to be well thought out. That is the key in a kitchen, don't you think...figuring out exactly how it functions best and where to put everything for the best work flow, organizing it thoughtfully? That is where I am right now...trying to work all of that out. It seems that every day I move something from here to there.

  7. Your kitchen looks great! Love those deep drawers - makes it easier to organize! Huge fan of the hardwood. I know what you mean how the kitchen stays cleaner when I'm not in it!! I always marvel at those who have no clutter 🙂.

  8. So enjoyed seeing your bright and cheerful. When we moved here, we tore down the wall between the small dining room and the kitchen, then remodeled the 1950 kitchen. That's my favorite feature now, having our dining table right there in the kitchen where it belongs best.

  9. Lovely photos of a lovely kitchen ... and yes, I wish my kitchen would stay the way it looks if I stay out of it !! smile...
    Your kitchen expresses your personality, I love it!

  10. I LOVE the colors!!! WOW!!! Not trendy, but refreshing and inviting!

  11. I LOVE the colors!!! WOW!!! Not trendy, but refreshing and inviting!

  12. I love your kitchen layout and design. The colour is perfect too; it is inspiring.


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