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Frozen Yogurt Granola Bars

We so enjoy our summer breakfast of fresh berries from the garden, yogurt and granola...preferably eaten on the back patio.  Why not combine the same ingredients and have a cool and refreshing snack in the afternoon on a hot summer day?
  • 2 cups Pina Colada yogurt (or your favorite flavour)
  • 1 banana, chopped or sliced
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh berries (blueberries and raspberries)
  • 1 cup granola
  • 1/2 cup chopped almonds
  1. Combine all ingredients in large mixing bowl, stirring gently.
  2. Line a 9" x 9" pan with parchment paper or foil and spread mixture evenly in prepared pan.
  3. Freeze until firm.
  4. Remove frozen slab from pan and cut into bars of desired shape. *
  5. Store in freezer.
Yield: 16-2" squares or 16-1x4"bars

*They can be cut into longer bars and wrapped in paper for easier snacking!


  1. I think these would make a refreshing summer dessert! Roena

  2. This is such a great idea for a healthy and refreshing summer treat!

  3. Why not? Give it a try and let us know how they turn out.


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