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Beets with Herbs & Butter

 It's the end of July which tells you that most of my produce is ready in my garden.
This week we have been enjoying beets.
You either love them or hate dislike them.
Here are some scrumptious ways to eat fresh and colorful beets.
Raw ~ Slice them up and serve them with a sprinkle of chile and lemon.
Soups ~ Make a traditional Ukrainian Borscht. 
Roasted ~ This is my all time favorite.  They are tender and juicy.
In a Salad ~ Today beets are making a statement in many salads. 
Pickled ~ Pickled beets have been around forever. Enjoy the tangy vinegar taste.
Desserts ~ yes, you can even enjoy a velvety beet cake.
 A quick trip to the garden:
  • Hand pick the smallest ones.  They are tender.
  • Wash them, cut down the foliage leaving a stem of three inches.
  • Boil them for 30-40 minutes.
  • Drain the water and slip off the skins with your hands.
  • If you prefer to keep your hands clean, you can also use a paper towel.
  • Add fresh herbs as they complement their natural sweetness.
  • Add a touch of butter, salt, and pepper with a quick squeeze of lemon.
  • Beets keep for quite a while in the fridge if you remove the greens.
What's your favorite recipe for beets?


  1. so how did you prepare you beets with herbs and butter?
    Is there a recipe?

    1. I do not think there is an actual recipe like you are looking for, just a method explained above.
      I like to use dill, vinegar, butter, and fresh ground pepper.

  2. Mmmmm - this looks so fresh and appetizing! I've been adding mint to my veggies too after reading about Ellen's experiences on her trip to England.

  3. I can eat fresh beets all day long.. Lovely I use olive oil and red wine vinegar with crushed oregano.. salt & pepper.. with love Janice.. lovely photos...

  4. Marg your photos are so gorgeous it makes me want to go and cook up some beets. They really are terrific roasted and there are a number of sauces one can make for them too. And they looks so pretty in a salad. I love them but don't buy them often enough. I'll have to change that.

  5. Cooked some last week. Sliced them and added olive oil, apple cider vinegar, fresh chopped dill, salt and pepper. Store them in a mason jar in the refrigerator. Very good for high blood pressure.

  6. Something I learned from a friend - shred fresh raw beets with a cheese grater and put them onto a salad. Delicious and so nutritious!

  7. Not a veggie gardener but I love pickled beets. I buy a large jar of bread and butter pickles, and after they have been
    eaten, I save the brine and all the mustard seeds and other seasonings. Then open two 14.5 cans of plain beets, sliced,chopped or whole and put them in the pickle brine. Within a few days I have a nice jar of pickeled beets.
    What a treat! Cheers, Jo in Minnesota

  8. In Australia you'll often see a big slice of "beetroot" on a hamburger! Delicious!

  9. Hubby and I got a ton of beets at our outdoor market two weeks ago. The man was getting ready to shut down for the day and for five dollars he gave us a huge bag. They were big but delicious. We get organic ones during the winter at Wegmans and yet I could not believe the difference in home grown and store bought! Store bought....kinda bitter compared to the home grown. We have stuffed ourselves with these and I have cooked them every way I can. I love hot buttered ones the best. Hubby loves the vinegar, cloves in his.....

  10. I like beets cooked, sliced and served with sour cream.

  11. It was fun to see how all of you enjoy your beets. Lots of interesting you can choose which you method your prefer the best. Thanks for joining in with your ideas.

  12. how do you roast beets...

  13. when roasting beets, peel them first---not hard at all with a vegetable peeler and then when you roast them, you're not losing all that nice roasty goodness that you would lose when you peel them after roasting. I peel them, then put them whole or cut in half in foil with some olive oil salt and pepper and roast at 375 for about an hour or until a knife goes in easily. I often splash on a bit of balsamic vinegar at the end and adding some garlic cloves and onions to the foil makes for a really tasty combination as well. you can do this on the grill too, not over direct heat but over to the side and keep turning the packet.

  14. You forgot the beet tops! Those are delicious too sauteed with a bit of butter, garlic too. Those have been a favourite of mine since childhood.


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