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Eating Under the Trees

Although we have a perfectly good patio, 
I romanticize the idea of  putting the table under the large maple tree.

 Sometimes it is fun to just move things around a bit.
If you have a tree in your yard, try it.

Whether you use the space for a large gathering . . .

to enjoy some quiet time in the shade . . .

or a packed picnic in the park.
Summer is time to enjoy the outdoors.


  1. love the trees idea and your table cloth for the park is so "de ja vou"

  2. I have about a half dozen table in my yard. I love being outside to eat. Al fresco suit me just fine, even when it is coolish.

  3. Wonderful! I love setting the table outside with the Royal Albert china I got from my mom, fancy linens and crystal. Memorable times are sometimes easily created, and free!

  4. How delightful! and the children-'s happy faces make me smile!

  5. What's that big metal thing stuck right there in the picture?

    1. I was wondering what you were referring to ... until I saw the gas patio heater we use on cooler evenings.
      Not so easily moved. =)


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