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Ukrainian Borscht

I used to walk in after school, smelling fresh dill.
There it was, a fresh bowl of Borscht.
So this weekend Levi and I pulled the vegetables out of our
Veggie Tale Garden.
Then he practiced saying BORSCHT!

Take a walk to your garden
Find potatoes, carrots and beets.

Add a few of the other things like cabbage, dill and tomatoes.

Meanwhile my herb garden is bursting, which gave me a few extra flavors.

VIOLA! Wash, peel, and chop and you have a tasty soup.

I searched the Menno blog for borscht, I noticed Lovella's and Trish's
but I could not find a true borscht like my Mother's.
You need to have beets.
So here goes.....

Ukrainian Borscht
(Mennonite Treasury pg.50)
I doubled the whole recipe.

4 cups soup stock ( I used beef soup broth)
2 Cups beets
1/2 cups carrots diced.
1 Cup Cabbage shredded
1 Cup potatoes diced
1 Cup tomato juice
1 medium onion, cut fine.
Salt to taste
3 Bay leaves
Fresh handful of dill

Put all vegetables in soup stock and simmer gently until well done.
I like making my soup thick rather than thin.
So I add more vegetables. (like I double them)
Add a bit of sour cream.

Oh, by the way did any of you ever love
dipping your bread into the soup?
Only at home, never at company's.


  1. I love my borsch. My mother and father are from the area between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Our family borsch is made without beets. I love borsch with beets too. Pass me a piece of black or rye bread please to have with a bowl of your borsch...

  2. i don't care how borscht is made we all love it. when i was in ukraine they served it in black bread bowls, no dipping needed. it sounds wonderful and the more veggies the better!

  3. I'll come try Ukrainian borscht at your place some time...maybe it tastes more like the borscht in Grand Forks than my recipe. I've rarely met a soup I don't like, so I'm sure it will be delicious!

    And I like your new signature, Marg!

  4. Oh Marg. I was so hoping someone would post this 'version' of our favorite soup. Borscht...we all love that soup no matter HOW it is made. My uncle makes a wonderful beet borscht! People pay big bucks for this wonderful humble family style soup with home baked bread. Yum! Thanks for posting. It looks so 'harvesty' - good grief....not a word but....the pics look wonderful and I can just smell the goodness of it.

  5. Oh, I love borscht made this time of year when the dill is fresh and the veggies are out of the garden.

    I've made the meatless version too .. and have browned the onion first .. this recipe reminds me of the bowl of borscht we had when we went through Creston on our motorbike. .it looks so yummy.

  6. Oh I've been looking for a borscht that incorporated beets. Thanks for this one, definitely going to try it!

    1. Hi Sheila, Any borscht would have beets in it. Borscht is the Eastern European name for 'Beet Soup'.

    2. Hi Natasha,
      Respectfully, you are wrong on this point.

  7. I have been looking for a recipe for beet borscht for a long time. I miss my mom's delicious soup... thank you so much!

  8. Thanks so much for posting the beet borscht recipe. It's practically the only reason I planted beets this year. And yes ... Dipping bread is a must - especially fresh brown bread!!

  9. I never grew up with beet borscht but tasted it in a small tea room and fell in love with the taste. I have since searched and asked lots of questions and have come up with my own version. Leftover baked smoked picnic pork shoulder is awesome for the broth and garlic. This is now my husbands favorite soup and he never grew up with it either. And we are both prairie mennonites from Canada.

  10. I just made this soup and it turns out just like the photos! I was looking for a recipe using tomato juice, as I've never tried that before, but it works well, so I'll do that from now on.

    Question for Marg: in the photo, you have a measuring cup filled with fresh tomato wedges, but none are listed in the recipe. I'm sure the soup is delicious with - or without - but is this an omission? Thanks!

  11. This looks like my Mom's recipe, though we made the stock with a ham bone, with a nice amount of meat left on for a hearty winter delight.

  12. if you put beet tops in with it and some sour cream it would give it a bit extra texture and taste but other then that your recipe is very good

  13. I had never tasted borscht with beets until today, at a local Ukrainian restaurant. It was delicious! I want to try making it. Their beets were shredded, and they told me they put them in raw. I have cooked and peeled beets in the fridge, will that work too? Dairymary

  14. Dear Dairyman.
    You can use the cooked ones from your fridge...but they will not need to cook so long as the other vegetables.
    I would add them closer to the end as they have already been cooked.
    My preferred method is to pick them fresh out of the garden, peel them and cube them. Good luck Mary.

  15. Hello Fraser Valley ladies - is it possible to make borscht
    1. without meat? (I use vegetable stock) - so I think it works out well
    2. without beets? ---- I know that is an odd question when it comes to making borscht - however, I notice the comments on this page about "no beets" - so what is the recipe for that version? We would prefer to make it with carrots only. (plus a little bit of cabbage) - ---- I ask because I am trying to accommodate an older person with dietary concerns (ie some things make their tummy etc feel uncomfortable)

    thank you
    margo in BC


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