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Saturday Fun with Waffle Cones

Summer calls for keeping things simple and fun. No oven needs to heat up your house when you're looking for a treat to feed young and old. Waffle cones make a fun eatable container for a whole host of things. I'll share a few of our favourites. What would you fill a cone with? Cones can be purchased at the grocery store, and I also have an ice cream store near us who sell fresh waffle cones. These are bigger and really nice for filling. You may also have your own waffle cone maker...better yet!

 To make smores: fill small cones with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips or caramel chocolate bits. Serve cold or warmed up on the BBQ, oven or open fire. I use a metal stand to keep them upright. You may have to become creative.

 Suggestion for filling larger size cones:
-trail mix
-kettle corn, caramel corn 
-fresh fruit
-frozen cheese cake, for these I make a frozen cheesecake mixture and make a smaller pan of the cheesecake and use the remaining mixture to fill the cones and then place in freezer, standing upright, covered. These are nice to have on hand for a quick dessert. Top with whipped cream and a cherry.
I use a plastic Popsicle stand as the well. 


  1. What a lovely idea, would you have a recip3 for caramel corn and a nice trail mix ?

    1. Kathy posted a caramel corn recipe on this blog as well...check it out here:

    2. Here is another one for caramel corn..

  2. what a great idea and so simple. My "grands" are coming and that would be a perfect snack or dessert for them. Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful presentation and such a good idea! Love it! Rhoda


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