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Saturday in Marg's Kitchen

 We've all probably seen these cutlery containers from Costco.
I used one all last summer serving our guests while we hosted many large events.
But then a few weeks ago....I was hosting an event, and I thought....
"This doesn't look bad, but how can I put some pizazz into my presentation?'
So when my company arrived, I was still fussing about cutlery and one of my guests said,
"Do you have an old vase?"
I looked through my pantry and there it was.
Thanks Corita, for inspiring me.

A very simple empty vase with a triangular base and a simple ribbon.
I knew where I could find more of these.
(Little Mountain Greenhouse)

I know have three of these vases and they are so practical and useful
They are stable and will not tip over.
How many times have I plumped the cutlery in a glass jar and it tips.

Check out your ribbon accessories and notice how you can change them for any occasion.
That's the beauty of this.

Now you can have fun decorating year round.

Strong, durable, and non-tip.
And I quite like the looks of them.
I'm ready for company indoors or outdoors.

Now let's take this one step farther.
Take out the cutlery and substitute your vases for small posies for your next dinner event.

There's so many interesting ways one can display these simple ideas.
I've enjoyed these simple little vases which have a way of
making everything look just perfect.
Go check out what's hiding in your closet or maybe let your friends snoop around.
You may have some hidden treasures.


  1. These are great ideas Marg! I love the shape of those vases!

  2. thank you, I have a bunch of older vases that would be perfect for this.

  3. Beautiful idea!! Definitely going to use this suggestion today.

  4. Would you please give us some low carb recipes.

    Thank you.


  5. Hey - those look great Marg. I have an old spoon holder that I often use on a buffet table for coffee spoons but the vases are a great idea! Your little posies are soooo pretty! Are they from you garden?

  6. I have been using some old wicker baskets, that I painted red, white and blue for our silverware on our annual July 4 party. For our annual 4H end of summer cookout at our house, I have been using some old smaller sized metal buckets. I've been covering the tables with quilts. Since we farm, it all fits right in. Usually when I host a large get together, we do it outside.

  7. That's a great idea, Marg - I may have to go find some of those vases. They look wonderfully practical.


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