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How to cut up a Sweet Pepper

Maybe I'm the last to find out this easy way to cut up a pepper.
I've never thought much about how I do it . . . cut it in half and go for it . . .
but when I tried this suggestion, I liked it.

The chef told us to take a pepper and look at it as a square.
Having established the best square side,
cut around the core on all four sides, then the bottom ...
and you have the core in one piece to throw out.
I thought this is all fine and dandy if you buy nice square peppers, 

but then I saw that this works with a triangular pepper as well.
Simply cut around the core
three times, and you still have the centre in one piece.
The sides slice up nicely without a lot of curve to deal with.

And, if you cannot figure out heads or tails in this,
and do not see a square or a triangle,
simply cut through the middle, avoiding the imaginary centre,
split it open to reveal the pod of seeds and remove it.


  1. My grandson used to say . . . "Good 'dea" granny . . .

    And this my dear is a very good idea!
    Thanks for the great suggestion . . .

  2. I love learning new techniques like this. Thanks Anneliese!

  3. I just ordered both cookbooks, can't wait...!!

  4. I do the same but leave it as one long rectangle .. then my dogs like the ends! just can waste good food!

  5. Someone told me...and I have found it to be true...that the peppers with 4 lobes at the bottom are Female and sweeter than those with 3 - Male - and therefore I now look for the 4 lobed ones to buy. I also bought a bag of those mini ones (see the antipasto recipe below) and found it to be true of those too.

  6. I also use this tip when cutting apples


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