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Watermelon Cake

Since summer is  watermelon season, I wanted to share this watermelon cake that my sister, Grace, made for our Dad's 90th birthday!
Not only does it look stunning but it is a light, healthy alternative  dessert for a summer bbq or celebration.

According to my sister here are the simple instructions.

1. Cut a watermelon in half, then cut each half into serving sized slices. Cut away the rind.
2. Using one half of the watermelon for each 'cake', set the slices back up together on a serving plate.
3. Whip the 'cream' of coconut milk until stiff, sweeten with honey.  (you could also use whipped cream with stabilizer or a tsp of instant vanilla pudding - sweetened as desired.)
4. Decorate with toasted almonds, or toasted coconut and fresh fruit, as shown.
5. Refrigerate until serving !

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  1. Marvelous! I've never seen anything like this before.

  2. what kind of coconut milk do you use? Canned or in the carton?

    1. The canned ... the 'cream' rises to the top of the can, so don't shake it, before pouring it off.

  3. I love this Julie!!! Healthy and refreshing.

  4. Julie, this is a wonderful idea! One question, how much of the cream of coconut would you need (as in how many cans worth)? And what do you do with the leftover coconut milk?

    1. 2 cans of “Extra Rich & Thick Coconut Cream” from Trader Joes in the US.. or equivalent. and there is very little 'milk' left -- you can drink it or use it in another recipe.
      Hope that helps !


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