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Bread for the Journey

This is not a recipe I am sharing today, the photo does fit into my story though.

"What would you do if Jesus came to spend some time with you?"  I heard this song playing on the radio today, a song from long ago, it caught my attention 'what would I do?'
-would I serve him a delicious meal plated up beautifully like the photo above?
-would I place my opened Bible on the coffee table to a favorite passage and  honestly say I had been reading His book faithfully and doing what it teaches?
-would I re-arrange my schedule and take time to sit and listen to Him?
Of course I would want to do all this and more, to give Him my best. I would also want Him to know that I would strive to be more attentive to the needs of others, reaching out a helping hand when needed.
This is my prayer then, that I will be obedient to do God's will. To live my life in such a way that I would not be ashamed to 'have Jesus come to spend some time with me.'

Matthew 25: 40
.. 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'


  1. Beautifully written. Needed this this morning, thanks. <3

  2. With tear, I thank you for this lovely reminder.

  3. what I needed today.. a great reminder to take time for the Holy One...what would we do?

  4. Thank you--made my day start on a high note!!!(Although the temperature is low and getting lower in the next few days!!)

  5. I would be THRILLED to have Jesus come spend time with me "physically" - I would definitely make Him my breaded, fried chicken cutlets (that I make for everyone I love or want to feed their heart...) But I am one of the lucky ones that Jesus spends time with me EVERY DAY, maybe not physically, but mentally/spiritually... Whenever I need Him, I call on Him and He visits with me at a moment's notice. He is great that way, a great listener. And each person, as I think everyone basically knows but sometimes forgets, can have Him be a spiritual visitor with them, whenever they want Him and need Him too. :)
    Thanks for a great post and a great reminder that Jesus is with us every day.

  6. Wonderful is so encouraging to see faith in the world through blogs...a good reminder that we have lots of brothers and sisters in Christ when the world sometimes seems so hostile. Keep up the encouragement!

  7. Thank you, Betty! It is humbling to think about the fact that He visits us and we may not even notice.

  8. I heard that song many years ago and it made a great impression on me. I haven't thought of the words in a long time so thanks for reminding me to watch how I live even more carefully. I enjoy this blog very much. It's so nice to get food for the soul as well as for the body. God bless.----Shannon


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