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Bread for the Journey

As a young girl I loved going to Sunday School, and listening to the stories of Jesus. One of my favourites was the story in Matthew 14:13-21 where Jesus fed 5000 from a little boys lunch.
I'm sure the mother of that little boy had no idea that her son would be asked to share his lunch and that Jesus would be able to turn five loaves and two fish into enough to feed 5000....and have left overs. The message I learnt from that story as a child was that God can do miracles.
Today this story asks me the question, 'what small thing do I have that I can give to Jesus?'
I know that He is able to take a small seed and produce a harvest.
This past year as us girls from MGCC have been working on our upcoming cookbook, we have marvelled at how God has given us the opportunity to use our gifts right at home in our own kitchens. He placed a dream in our hearts to feed hungry children, and continued to open the right doors for us to preserve the recipes handed down to us from our moms and grandmas.

Our kitchens have turned out many loaves of bread. It is our joy and privilege to be able to give so that hungry children can be fed, and find hope.
The crowds in the miracle story were not only physically fed by Jesus, He also spiritually nourished them through His teachings. This nourishment is available for everyone.

John 6:35
Jesus said, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst."


  1. Kathy, that story has always had me wondering.....
    Now is Jesus could preform a miracle like that, I wonder what he can do with the small things in my life, if I really let him....or offered it to him for that matter.
    We offered our humble book royalties, now it will be wonderful to see God at work here and feed the hungry children of Ukraine. It will be exciting to watch.

  2. Kathy, I was just thinking about that bible story last night and pondering many of the other mighty miracles our Savior has performed. Especially in my life. Our son just returned from a church mission in Uganda and Ethiopia. He experienced so many wonderful things as he taught the people there about Jesus. He loved the little children...there are so many orphanages that he had the opportunity to work in. He said he will go back some day after he is married and bring a few home with him. :)
    Thank you for your inspiring blog and for all the wonderful recipes! :)

  3. Love this thought for today. If I have a "favorite" miracle, this is probably it. I think it is amazing what He can do with a few loaves and fishes.

  4. Well said. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I remember when Lovella emailed me with some thoughts about ways to connect bloggers, and watching the unfold. It is marvelous how such a common task of cooking could be multiplied by God to provide for the hungry the way that this cookbook will.

  6. Am soooo looking forward to actually having your book!
    I'm sure that it will bring many blessings to you and the people who will be reading it!

    FIY - caught you and Kathy on the noon news today. Good job ladies!

  7. A good reminder that even the most mundane things in our lives can be multiplied and used in the lives of others.
    This post is so timely, Kathy with you and Lovella talking about the book on TV today. God is using the blog and will multiply our small efforts to feed many. May all be done to His glory.

  8. Hello Ladies, not sure who I am writing to you but happened to catch you two on BCTV Global from Vancouver sounded yummy to me so added you to my blog.. yay it worked... I look forward to following your journey and the release of your new book.. I missed who the money from the book went to.. hope all is well with everyone.. Sue

  9. Hi Sue, you asked who the royalties are going to. Our publisher Herald Press will send all the royalties to MCC, they will then give the money to the project of our choice which is the Good Shepherd Shelter in the Ukraine. We have a link on our blog where you can read all about it.
    Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging words.

  10. The Bread Of Life...that's exactly what you were today to many others..
    I love those bread pans...they sure have a story..and such a meaningful post my friend. I was so proud of both of you.

  11. Reminds us to be willing to give all that we have when we are in the service for our Lord.

  12. Great post Kathy! Always have loved this story and the multitudes that Jesus fed with this small lunch.
    Anything with God is possible..who knows how many will be fed through this offering. To God be the Glory!

  13. The bread in that photo is gorgeous :)

  14. Just found this blog but wanted to say WOW! Food for body and soul. I love it. Can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I am very excited about the cookbook also. Keep up the good work. God Bless.


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