Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue-barb Jam

Char, another gal from MGCC was so gracious to give me this recipe..I am honoured to share it here, with her permission of course. It is a unique and interesting jam..I would have never thought to put these ingredients together. You are right Char..this jam is very good on scones! And on toast or freshly baked buns..
These are the ingredients you will need:
6 cups cut up rhubarb
1 cup water
3 cups sugar
1- 540 ml can of blueberry pie filling
1- 6 oz raspberry jello powder I said this is a unique recipe. Never thought to put these together did you?
Over high heat boil rhubarb and water till the rhubarb is soft stirring the whole time, this takes only a few min.
Add 3 cups sugar and blueberry pie filling, and bring back to a boil. Turn down heat to med high and boil for 8 min.
Remove from heat and add the jello powder.
Ladle into pre-washed and still hot jelly jars.
Yields: 31/2 500ml jelly jars
Here it is a bubblin' away in the pot. It is good to use a tall pot as the jam tends to splatter as it cooks..I used a tall pot and I still got some splatters on me and on the wall. I use a red floral bibbed apron when I make jams and jellies just so I stay clean and the stains never show on the apron!
It is really a very simple jam to make so go ahead and try it..just make sure you have fresh scones ready!


  1. I am sitting here even trying to put those flavors together. That must make it a must try!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. the picture...the one in my in a floral 'bib' apron! Grin. Wow...interesting combo for sure but then, berries are so versatile combining with one another graciously...grin again! Great recipe there - and perfect for the fall season!!!!

  3. Interesting mix of ingredients, but it does look good and would go well on a scone or fresh bread. Kathy

  4. I love 'odd things' together that no one would think of .. until someone DOES ! and then everyone wantst to try it !
    Thankyou for passing it on to the rest of us !! I love rhubarb and have some frozen in the feezer..I'll try this!

  5. I love the pictures! I thought it was interesting that you put jello into the jam. I think I know why. I was cooking up my old apricots from the freezer and the color just wasn't right, so I added jello to add color. Thought it was my invention. Apparently not.

  6. I never thought to mix fruit like that in a jam. i wonder how tangy it is with the rhubarb. Looks delicious =)

  7. I agree with other bloggers, I thought I had tried about every rhubarb combination, but blueberry never occurred to me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the sound of this combination of ingredients. I think it would be great in turnovers, too!

  9. Hey on??
    I will right over to try this yummy jam and on the freshly baked bread or scones! :)
    Will definitely have to try making this one!!

  10. I have never heard of that mixture.
    Sounds like an excellent spread.

  11. I've been making that recipe for years and we all love it. Try subbing cherry pie filling for the blueberry. It's great that way too.

  12. I would like to try this jam but all I have is frozen rhubarb. Has anyone tried it with frozen? If so how do I measure it? And should I add all of the water? Thanks for all the great recipes. I use this site often:)

    1. Yes you can use frozen rhubarb. When I freeze Rhubarb I freeze it in 2 cup measures and put it in a bag. I wouldn't add any water if using frozen Rhubarb.