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BBQ Chicken on a Can

Now that summer is all but over . . you may think about putting your grill away. . .but if you have a covered gas grill . . . try barbecuing chicken the easy way. Beer can chicken has been around for awhile but if you don't drink beer . . .there is a chance you haven't tried this easy recipe.

What ever you use to steam your chicken from the inside is really beside the point.
You can use beer with no alcohol, cola. . or put chicken broth in the can too.

If you are starting with a full can. . empty it down to 2/3 full. Use a can opener to put additional holes in the top of the can.

Rinse and dry your chicken inside and out.

Sprinkle it liberally with Cajun seasoning or seasoning salt if you don't want it spicy. .. inside and out.

I purchased a rack to set my can on . .to stabilize the whole chicken.. . but you can simply put your can on a older metal pie plate or square pan.

Preheat your grill to 350 F. If possible. . .leave the center burner off and turn on the outer burners. If you can't do this. . .preheat one side and set your chicken on the other side. . and turn your chicken occasionally.

Set your chicken on the can. .firmly.

Put your chicken on the grill. . . close the cover. .and cook it about one hour. Test to make sure it is done by piercing the thigh . .juices should run clear. The thigh should be tender and easily twisted in its socket. If it is the first time you are making it on your grill .. depending on the size of your chicken. . .leave additional time ..the chicken can sit with foil on it for awhile before cutting it up and be kept warm in the oven while your side dishes finish. I'd rather be waiting for my side dishes to finish than be waiting for the chicken to be done.

Remove the chicken from the grill .'ll need to use clean pot holders. . .. Be careful. The remaining broth in the can is very hot. You may want to use some paper towels with your pot holders. .it can be a bit messy. Leave the pan on the grill for now. .just lift the chicken off the can.

Cover with foil a few minutes. .and cut it into serving pieces.


  1. I bought one of those stands years ago but I have been a bit shy to try it. Thanks for the great directions.

  2. I am not a bbq person but this looks very interesting. Of course, I have heard of bbqing this way and now I am totally intrigued! So....really moist I am betting and flavourful too?!!! I am going to have to try bbquing once again some day....what a nice thing to do in the Fall.

  3. I've always wanted to cook a whole chicken, but I've always found it to be too much food, as there is only my husband and I at the dinner table.

  4. i have a glass jar that I bought years ago. YOu add fluid and spices and bake like this. I've never tried the bbq, but it looks too tall for my bbq.

  5. wow i bet this tastes amazing!!
    I will definitely try it!
    i appreciate the step by step instructions, so very helpful for a cook like me. :)

  6. When it is not grilling season I make the chicken exactly the same way in my oven, heated to 350 degrees. I do add 1 tablespoon liquid smoke to the soda can, to get that grill flavor. Even though I am cooking for one I do not find that it is too much food, if I have planned my week's menus ahead. I can always freeze some.

  7. This does taste amazing! Try brining your chicken overnight and then placing it on the grill. It is really tender,juicy and flavorful. I agree with the anonymous can definitely do this in the oven. It gets golden brown all around.

  8. Thanks to anonymous. I am putting my grill up for the winter but will try this in the oven. I LOVE chicken!

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  10. Thank you for the directions. Your chicken looks delicious even if it IS sitting on a can in an undignified way (lol).

  11. They do look funny standing up like that with nothing on! I have heard, though, that this is a very tasty way to do chicken and you have given some good, detailed instructions!

  12. This looks really good. I've heard about this but didn't know you could do it in the oven. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Never tried chicken this way but it sure sounds good..I love the cajun spice you put on it.

  14. This is the best and what a fine coating one can achieve with this process. Our kids love this meal.

  15. This is my husbands favourite way of roasting a chicken in our covered barbecue. He makes up a spice mix which gives a delicious flavour - never fails to satisfy!

    cheers - Joolz

  16. Has anyone tried this with home grown chicken? Does it take a lot longer? We tried it with home grown and were somewhat disappointed. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, Chickens that are grown on farm would maybe take a bit longer. It also depends on what breed of chicken is being raised. The chickens I buy are often free range and I haven't noticed a very big difference. I'm sorry I can't be more help..maybe someone else can answer your question.


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