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Growing up on a chicken farm my Mom would often make a Roasted Chicken with Bubbat for dinner. Every now and then my nostalgic side takes over my taste buds. . .and the old recipes need to be made once again.

Bubbat is really just a raisin quick bread that is baked inside the chicken while it is being roasted. It also can be baked along side the chicken or even baked in a 8 X 8 square pan and served with the chicken. Baking it inside the chicken gives it the best flavour since it is kept moist by the chicken drippings. 
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1/3 cup milk1 cup of fresh raisins
  1. Mix the dry ingredients. Add the beaten egg, melted butter and milk.
  2. Mix well, and add the raisins.
  3. You can either spread it in a greased cake pan. . and bake it. .
  4. or you can spoon it into the cavity of the chicken. I used a ordinary 3 - 3 1/2 pound fryer but would have doubled the recipe for a large roaster.
  5. Baste the chicken with melted butter and bake uncovered for about 2 hours at 375.
  6. The drumstick should move easily and the internal temperature of the chicken should be 180 F


  1. I was thinking last night or this morning even, this being the blog that it is, someone needs to post the bubbat recipe! And here it is! I love it and thank you, Lovella.
    I haven't made it for a long time, but now that I have quick access to the recipe, I will again. I've added prunes to mine.

  2. i was thinking what anneliese was thinking.....i love bubbat. thanks for posting it. it makes this blog even more authentic...=}

  3. oh just a quick question, did you cook the bubbat for the whole 2 hours in the chicken or did you add it in later, when the chicken was already partially cooked?
    i think that i always add it after the chicken is partially cooked, but it has been awhile since i have made bubbat.

  4. I put the bubbat in right aways. . but put a bit of foil over the exposed part once I thought it was brown enough .. .I saw directions for both ways. I didn't want to deal with a hot chicken.

  5. Now that brings back memories...our roast chicken was always stuffed with bubbat. My mom used raisins and chopped dates in hers. I actually made bubbat for 'old-times-sake' not so long ago! So glad you posted this recipe.

  6. Oh my...I made this the other night...but I make mine with farmer's sausage and as a dish on its own. Grin...we all are thinking alike I see

  7. Oh, Trish, that's "Fleisch Bubbat" you're talking about, and my mom always made it with farmer sausage and bacon as a main dish. And for some reason we always drank tea with it. Both the bubbats are delicious and bring back fond memories! Thanks for posting it Lovella.

  8. i looooove bubbat!!!! could you make this inside of a turkey for thanksgiving too?, my oma always just made it in a side dish.

  9. Amanda. . .my friend always puts in in Turkey. . . I'll ask her if she waits a bit while the turkey roasts before putting it in.

  10. With every family recipe, there is uniqueness, and memories. When you said you were making bubbat, I knew what you were talking about, ... well until I looked at your picture and recipe.
    Hmm... In our tradition, it was, and still is stuffed in a turkey, the whole time it is being roasted.
    Also, the ingredients I use go like this:
    about (typical family recipe measurements)
    one loaf of cubed bread (I use whole wheat bread for some nutrition ~ Mom never did)
    lots of dried fruit that is chopped such as apricots, prunes and raisens. I now add dried cranberries, dried apples, pears, peaches ...
    mix together an egg (or two if it is too dry, and you went overboard on the bread and friut:)),1 and 1/2 cups of sugar (I use less to reduce the calories), pinch of salt and a tsp. of vanilla.
    Mix this with the bread cubes and fruit
    Stuff the bird as full as you can! :)
    its wonderful! I am making it tomorrow, maybe I'll send some pictures to Lovella.
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving what ever you eat. We have so much to be grateful for!

  11. When you make bubbat inside the turkey, how is it served? Do you pull it out and dish it up separately, or just sort of dig it out like stuffing?

  12. Hi:
    I am cooking a 15 lb turkey for Christmas. As this will be my first time not only for the Turkey, but for bubbat as well, I would like to know if cooking the Turkey breast side down is a good idea. Also, do I multiply your recipe for bubbat 3 or 4 times given the size of the bird?

    Does a bird that size need to cook more than 4 hours and will the bubbat dry out if I put it in when I put the burd in the oven?

    My grandmother used to cook the bubbat over roast - delicious!

    Thanks for your help - I enjoy your blog.

  13. I've never heard of bubbat before, but you've inspired me to try it. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds great!

    Blather From Brooklyn

  14. WOW!! I have been googling trying to find ANYTHING about Babat on the Web - and look what I find! It was always the stuffing I had growing up and I was an adult with a couple kids of my own before I'd ever had the sage and bread kind. I have made a blog post about this if you care to have a look ...

    Thank you for this blog post and now I'll check your site out for a recipe for pfeffernusse (sp?)