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Rice Dyed Eggs ...and more

Eggs are a symbol of the resurrection, and have been an Easter tradition for centuries. From beautifully painted works of art to simple dyed eggs, they have become an integral part of our Easter celebrations.  I'll show you one more method of colouring eggs today, as give you a few suggestions of what to do with all those hard-boiled eggs after Easter.  

Rice-dyed eggs have a more speckled and natural look, and are also a fun method to use when dying eggs with kids.
  • hard boiled eggs
  • rice (long grain or pearl)
  • small containers with lids (large enough to hold an egg)
  • food colouring 
  1. Place 1/4 cup rice into each container.
  2. Add about 15 drops of food colouring (or a few good squirts), using a different container for each colour. If you prefer a more vibrant colour, add more food colouring.
  3. Place lid on container and shake to colour rice evenly.
  4. Add cold, hard-boiled egg to rice. Close container and gently shake until your egg is the desired shade.  

If you find peeling eggs a real challenge, here are some tips:

And now for a few recipes that use hard boiled eggs.  Eggs are nutritious and delicious anytime, but  especially at Easter!


*Boiled eggs that have been stored in the fridge are safe to eat for a week.



  1. So many delicious looking food. Thanks for sharing all of these. Happy Easter to MGCC

  2. I'm smiling at our collective egg ideas! What a great post Judy!

  3. You girls have outdone yourselves today!!! What great recipes with pictures to match! Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog, and especially today with these wonderful recipes for Easter meals. Blessings!

  4. Oh I love this post!!! What a wonderful collection - we sort of missed making Easter eggs this year but now I'm hungry for some hard boiled eggs. It's not too late is it?