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Looking at the Easter Table

At this time of year I like to go and look for the first signs of spring . . .  even in the wild . . . tiny bright green leaves or delicate buds of all colors making their first appearance.
A few sprigs in a vase can add a simple, yet beautiful look to the table.

One Easter I used a bunny shaped chocolate container to cut out some large cookies
and they added some fun.
I rolled them out slightly thicker than the small cookies and baked them until golden around the edges. I let them cool on the cookie sheet for fear of breaking them.
I've been asked for the icing recipe and, although I gladly share it, it's not one I  measure.
Start with about 2 Tbsp of soft butter or margarine in a 4 cup measuring cup or bowl. 
Then add about 2 cups of icing sugar (confectioners sugar) and a few Tbsp of milk. 
Stir well and adjust to a consistency that spreads nicely ... 
adding more icing sugar or milk, as needed. 
For piping, make sure it's not too runny. 
Spread on cookie and let air dry a few hours until set. 
I froze these cookies and thawed them, leaving them to air dry,
 as the icing thawed out wet and then dried again.

Another way to make a pretty centerpiece is to display sugar cookies in a basket.

Behind this bunny, you will notice the Paska used as a centerpiece.
I got that idea from Ellen.

Still another way to use Paska in a decorative way, before it  disappears,
 is to make Paska in cupcake tins and put them in little cupcake baskets or holders.

I hope these ideas inspire you today.
You can find the sugar cookie recipe here
and Lovella's Paska recipe here


  1. So pretty!!!! We were having the first signs of Spring over here till this morning - yikes! Mother Nature has sent yet another snow storm. It looks quite beautiful - if you like that sort of thing lol! Have a wonderful Easter Anneliese - blessings to you and yours.

  2. I love following your blog... Before reading about your Paska centerpiece, I thought it looked like standing Twinkies drizzling with white frosting and sprinkled with confetti sprinkles. I did not know what Paska was so I Googled it. It would be fun to make your Paska centerpiece...something different, yet fits into the Easter theme, nicely!

  3. What is the recipe for the icing on the bunnies and how do you get it to look so smooth? Thanks

    1. Hi Tara, the recipe is there right after the second photo .. I do not measure when I make icing so just stir and add icing sugar or milk as needed until the consistency is smooth and spreads easily, using the back of the spoon or a butter knife.