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Bread for the Journey

Some time ago a very dear friend sent this card to me, I have it beside my computer and read it often. Thank you Lovella for this inspiring verse from Proverbs.

This verse speaks to me of being generous. Generosity brings out the very best in us. It warms our soul to give or receive a gift, whether it is a wrapped gift, a gift of time, or words of encouragement. We all are refreshed when others think of us and bless us with a generous and kind heart.
We can be generous in many ways and it can be as simple as a call to someone who is lonely, bringing a meal to a busy household, or sending a card, there are so many little ways we can do our part of refreshing. Our generosity should be motivated by a sincere desire to help others.
Jesus was generous beyond anything we could ever imagine, he took the punishment for our sins. He wants to bless us with His very best, and His gift of forgiveness for us is truly very generous.
Ask God to refresh and replenish your soul, so you in turn can do the same for others.

Be God's vessel of blessing today.


  1. Thank you for these words today, Betty! You made me think of the hymn, Channels Only.

  2. I've never noticed that verse in Proverbs!

    I had a four and a half hour breakfast with a long time friends one whose love languages are quality time and words of affirmation I left there so refreshed! As did she.

    Good Bread for the Journey!! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this lovely reminder.
    Have a blessed week.