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In Flanders Fields

Two years ago I had the opportunity to cycle along the Danube River.
Breath taking views of poppies lined the pathways, at which I could no longer succumb 
to my mind, to stop and reflect on the poem of John McCrae.
He wrote, what became the most famous Canadian Poem of the First World War, 1915.
 Being a doctor, he knew and saw the pain first hand, at the battle field.
Today, 100 years later we still have doctors and soldiers at war
and how much has or hasn't changed.
Today I asked my grandsons if they had heard of this poem....
I can still hear the echo of their  voices as they recited this special poem.
Let's just take a moment to stop, reflect and pause in silence of those who have gone ahead.


  1. Lest We Forget. Such a beautiful post.

    Blessings to All,
    Anna (Toronto)

  2. It is such a Part of Remembrance and Remembrance day...Thank you for posting it.

  3. This is a wonderful, respectful and beautiful post Marg! The picture of the poppies growing along the roadside is so lovely. I really like the M.C.C. buttons too that say, "To Remember is to Work for Peace"!!

  4. I printed this poem yesterday on facebook. I love this poem, thanks for sharing.


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