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Bread for the Journey

As I was contemplating what to write for the first Advent I was listening to conversations around me and there seemed to be a general theme. "How did this season creep upon us so quickly? How can I simplify and reduce the stress of unmet expectations? Isn't this a time of preparing in anticipation for Christ's return, how quickly did I lose focus on that?" 
I re-read this devotional that originally was posted a few years ago. It was a good reminder for me now as well to slow down as I prepare for the celebrations of the season and focus on what it the Advent season is really all about - the anticipated coming of Christ. 

" Everybody today seems to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater developments and greater riches and so on, so that children have very little time for their parents. Parents have very little time for each other, and in the home begins the disruption of peace of the world." ~~ Mother Teresa~~

This picture reminds me of a day my family had, when we were snowed in. There were no errands to run, no need to bundle the kids for school. No one could go to work, and for a day I felt complete calm. My family was together and there were no outside influences grabbing our attention away from home and family.
The Advent Season and Christmas Preparations are upon us. I know that this is often a very difficult time of year for many. A time that can be filled with loneliness and anxiety. I hold you deep in my thoughts and prayers, even if I don't know your story, God knows, even if He seems distant, He cares about your story and loves you with an unfailing love. I just want to share with you my deep desire to slow down this Season and make it meaningful for those I care about and love.
Do you ever feel that the world and its demands, rushing here, there, striving for bigger, better, more beautiful, more stuff, has left you feeling lonely and empty? Grown children have little time for their aging parents. Parents are so busy trying to make a life for their family to give them opportunities or "stuff" that they think they need, they actually don't have time for them.
I would invite you to find a day, perhaps even today, to just slooow down. Stop. Reflect. Give yourself a "snow day". If you have a family living at home, then play a game or build an indoor or outdoor fort. If you have someone you haven't talked to for a long time, give them a call and let them know that you are thinking of them and that you care. If you need a day for your self to retreat, reflect and rest, then do so. Even Jesus had times in his life that he needed to do just that. Reflect on God's love, grace and mercy in your life, so that this Advent/Christmas season, we are ready to receive God's greatest gift to us, His Son Jesus Christ.

"O come, O come, Emmanuel"


  1. Thanks you for this very timely reminder, Charlotte. What better way to begin the Advent season than with a deliberate choice to reflect and take time to build relationship. Thank you, this is a message I needed today.

  2. I always slow myself down and reflect on the past year on Dec.
    21st, the solstice, the shortest day of year. And remember that in the darkness the light always returns, and hope prevails...

  3. Amen to your "Bread" today! Such a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the reason for the season. Thanks Charlotte.

  4. This so reminds me of a "snow day" we had on Vancouver Island when I was a young teenager. With the heavy snows came the power outage - the day we were to have Christmas dinner with our relatives there. No power meant no cooking, no listening to Christmas music on CBC, no running water or using the toilet. Tea was made with snow melted in a tin can in the fireplace; we ate Japanese oranges, halvah, candies, nuts, and what had already been baked previously; the usually rowdy children quietly played board games on the living room floor, adults visited or snoozed...of all my memories of Christmas past, that was probably the most meaningful.

  5. Today we are having our senior parents over for supper.....and one of our grandsons. The game is on and we are just going to enjoy the time together.
    Thanks for the encouragement on this first advent to take time to reflect on Jesus....reason we celebrate.

  6. Snow days. Slow days. Go nowhere days. Be quiet days. Just being days. What a perfect way to spend a day with our Lord. Just Being.
    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. God bless you all.

  7. Absolutely.
    Blessing on you and yours.

  8. Thank you for your kind words,it will be a very lonely Christmas for me this year, I lost my beloved husband of 30 years Jan.19 2011. Am still trying to cope & your words are very meaningful. I know there is Hope. I love reading "Bread for the Journey"

  9. Thanks for your loving kindness and prayers for us, dear sisters in Christ. My family is from Norway and I appreciate and look forward to "Advent" each year. Prepare our hearts to welcome our Lord and Saviour at Christmas. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord.


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