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Cinnamon Biscuit Roll

This was a favorite of mine to bake when I was a young teenage girl. I would bake up a number of these cinnamon biscuit rolls for our lunches for school the next day. My siblings loved it because that meant there would be a change from the usual bologna sandwiches. I remember packing my lunch kit full of rolls and then I would trade at school with goodies from my friends lunches. And I was picky, I didn't trade off a roll just for anything. In the end I ended up with a pretty good variety of items. I'm not sure why my Mom allowed me to pack just these rolls for a lunch although I think she enjoyed the stories of my trades when I came home from school. And mind you I wasn't allowed to bake these rolls just anytime I liked. Maybe it was on those days when there wasn't much else to pack. I'm sure I used more sugar and cinnamon now than I would have been allowed to back then.

Biscuit  dough: (or use your favorite recipe for biscuits)
  • 2  1/4 cups flour plus extra for rolling out dough.
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup butter, chilled and cut in cubes
  • 2 eggs
  • Milk
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted 
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon
  1. Whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt.
  2. Cut in 1/2 cup butter cubes until crumbly.
  3. Crack 2 eggs in an 8 ounce measuring cup and fill cup with milk.
  4. Whisk until combined and stir into dry mixture just until combined.
  5. Form into a ball and roll out to approx 16" x 18" size, using only extra flour as needed so the dough doesn't stick to the counter.
  6. Spread melted butter on dough.
  7. Mix together brown sugar, and cinnamon. Sprinkle evenly over the dough. 
  8. Roll up as for cinnamon buns, sealing edges and ends.
  9. Place roll on a parchment lined cookie sheet, the parchment is great for clean up in case your seal doesn't hold well. 
  10. Bake in a 400ยบ oven for 20 minutes until golden in color.
  11. Cool and cut in slices.

 Here is a lunch kit packed with cinnamon biscuit rolls.  This one belongs to my husband. I wish I still had mine.

Does anybody still have their old lunch kits?


  1. i'm pinning these!! Love cinnamon rolls!

    I still have my old lunchbox, it's a tin Popeye one, I only used it on stormy days,as I always went home for lunch, what a treat it was to stay at school!

  2. These were very tasty! Good timing for us when we decided to stop by huh Mom? :)

  3. I'll definitively try to make these!

  4. Trading rolls for other goodies. Now I've heard it all. You were quite the entreprenuer even then!

  5. Lunch box for years was an empty Rogers Syrup pail. One of my sons would occasionally come home from school with a message from a classmate. The question always was,"When am I baking cinnamon buns again?" Son could eat all the cinnamon buns he wanted at home. Friend's mom did not bake. A real barter system had developed.

  6. An early entrepreneur! I would have traded my lunch for yours in a heartbeat!

  7. I'll bet you were the most popular girl in school.

    I learned to make a version of this from a French Canadian friend. They were called Pets de Soeurs. After many years she told me what it means. It's kind of rude, about the nuns.


  8. These look soooo good .. I'm going to try them gluten free!
    I still have Vic's old lunch kit.. looks like yours but it was from his working years, not school.

  9. I have my dad's old lunch pail. Looks just like this one except not so black, more silver. Will have to get it out this summer and use for decor or put some goodies in and take to family gathering and see if my sisters recognize it- now that would be fun wouldn't it? Will have to try these buns and fill pail with them-my mom made terrific cinnamon buns like your Saturday's post- these look like my kind to make. Thanks for the memory of my dad's lunch pail. Going to get it off the hidden back shelf right now.

  10. I'm pinning too. These look so yummy. I've never thought to make cinnamon rolls from biscuit dough. My grandfather had a lunch pail like that and I remember grandmother packing it every night before he worked the night shift.

  11. Betty, your post brought back wonderful memories of times where you would be looking after me when Mom & Dad had gone out for the evening. We would always be treated to your yummy baking!! Thanks for the memories, love ya Sis!

  12. I remember a lunch kit that looked exactly like that, only silver. I didn't enjoy taking it to school tho. All the other students had colorful plastic lunch kits. So mine definitely was not cool. But I was the youngest of 8 and didn't have all the options my friends had. Never wanted for food tho..if only I could have seen that back in the day. :/ thank you for sharing this post

  13. Just took these out of the oven. Mmmmmm.....!

  14. I don't understand why in the picture they look wide and flat...but the directions have you rolling them into a round tube shape. Do they flatten out that much in cooking? when you cut them? Any help you can give would be appreciated.

    1. deb in sc..they do flatten slightly while baking. I cut these while the rolls were still warm so that could be one reason and I usually don't roll up the dough tightly so that could be another reason. Hope that helps. It doesn't really matter, they will be good whether in a round shape or if they flatten a bit:)

    2. thanks so much...I like the flatter shape....I think I will try these over the weekend....a nice Sunday morning treat.

    3. Enjoy your treat on Sunday morning! I kind of prefer the flatter shape too..we can call them rustic:)

  15. Just made this recipe the other day, and had to come back and post just how delicious this was! It was quick and easy to put together, and had just the perfect amount of sweetness. Will be making these again soon!

    1. Thank you Debby for letting us know, it's always good to hear when the recipes turn out as well for someone else!

  16. I made this last week for our weekly snack. Oh boy! This was really good. I especially like it since it is not very sweet. It looked nice on a plate, too. Thank you!


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