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Pumpkin Cheesecake

We will soon be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. Will pumpkin cheesecake be on your dessert menu? Dark chocolate pomegranate seeds sit on top of little swirls of butterscotch whipped cream.

Ingredients for crust:
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 3/4 cup crushed ginger snaps
  • 3/4 cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  1. Melt butter. 
  2. Stir together crumbs and brown sugar.
  3. Pour melted butter over crumb mixture and stir well.
  4. Press into bottom of lightly greased 10" spring form pan. Set aside.

Ingredients for filling:
  • 3 -8 ounce packages regular cream cheese, room temperature (not light)
  • 1 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups canned pure pumpkin (not ready to use pumpkin pie filling)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3/4 teaspoon ginger
  • 1/2 tsp cloves
  • 1 cup whipping cream, whipped
  1. Using an electric mixer beat cream cheese until fluffy. Add sugar and beat well.
  2. Crack eggs into a smaller bowl and whisk until pale yellow and frothy. 
  3. Add eggs to cream cheese mixture and beat for 2 minutes.
  4. Using the same bowl as you used for the eggs stir together pumpkin and spices.
  5. Add pumpkin mixture to cream cheese mixture and beat on low until just incorporated.
  6. Whip cream until soft peaks form. 
  7. Gentle fold whipped cream into pumpkin cream cheese mixture. 
  8. Pour mixture over crust.
  9. Wrap one large sheet of foil around bottom and sides of pan. Press against sides.
  10. Place wrapped pan in a baking dish and fill with hot water halfway up the sides of the pan.
  11. Bake in oven that is preheated to 325º. For convection oven heat to 300º.
  12. Bake for 60-70 minutes. Cake will still be jiggly in the centre but will set as it cools.
  13. Cool at room temperature. Remove foil and then refrigerate for at least 4 hours to chill and allow to completely set.
  14. Remove the ring of the spring form pan, and place onto cake plate.
Butterscotch whipped cream:
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2 tbsp instant butterscotch pudding powder
  1. Whip cream until very soft peaks begin to form. 
  2. Add vanilla and pudding powder. Beat until thick.
  3. Decorate and serve. 
Note: After baking you can keep in refrigerator for 3-4 days. Cover loosely. Add cream when ready to serve.
Any left over cheesecake freezes well. For best results allow to thaw in refrigerator. 


  1. I think I just found my Thanksgiving dessert! Thanks so much.

    Do you think I could make it on a Friday and keep it in the fridge until Sunday (that's the day my family celebrates)? I am getting company on Friday night until Sunday morning. I want to take the cheesecake to my Mom's for Sunday supper.

    1. Yes, you can bake this ahead. It will keep well in the fridge for 3-4 days. Left overs can also be frozen. Thaw in refrigerator. Enjoy!

  2. Kathy - I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your superior recipes! This one looks like another keeper, just as the blackberry syrup recipe you posted in the summer was! Thanks so much! TL

  3. Looks delicious! Can this be frozen so it's ready to use later on?

  4. ohmypumpkinlovinggravy! This looks so delicious! And I just happen to have some pumpkin leftover... (grin)

  5. Oh that looks delicious Kathy...and it is so beautiful too.

  6. Do your featured recipes become part of your Recipe Index? I would like to make it later or do I have to download it while it is featured?

    1. Yes they do. Just type Pumpkin cheesecake into the recipe search button on the top right (sidebar) and you will get it.

  7. Could you tell me where you purchased the dark chocolate pomegranate seeds, please?

    1. I find them in the candy isle at most supermarkets. Pecans are a nice option as well. Enjoy!

  8. This looks amazing! I just recently found your site and ordered your cookbook, can't wait to start reading it!

  9. Definitely going to try this one...I LOVE baking cheesecakes.
    And Tabi, most bakes cheesecakes store very well in the fridge for several days, AND cheesecakes usually freeze very well too. Just take it out of the freezer the morning you serve and let it "thaw" in the fridge throughout the day.

    1. Thanks, Laura, for taking the time to respond to my question. Very thoughtful of you.

  10. Oh my - that looks fabulous Kathy!!! Bring on the pumpkin dessert ideas for thanksgiving - love, love anything pumpkin!

  11. Kathy, beautiful :) What a prelude to Thanksgiving!

    Blessings to All,
    Anna (Toronto)

  12. this recipe filled my pan to almost much is this going to rise??

  13. nevermind.....i realized my pan is only 9"

  14. looks great! i just don't get steps 9 and 10:
    "Wrap one large sheet of foil around bottom and sides of pan. Press against sides.
    Place wrapped pan in a baking dish and fill with hot water halfway up the sides of the pan."

    wouldn't it get wet? or what do you mean by that?

  15. I made this today! Pretty much amazing! Much lighter than I expected. Sooooooo yummy!

  16. I just tweeted this recipe. I feel like I dreamed this into being. Pumpkin and cheesecake - my two favorites - combined!!!

  17. I made this for my wife's birthday today (well, I made it yesterday) and it was outstanding. I don't think I have ever made anything this delicious before.


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