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Bread for the Journey

The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus have just completed the Canadian part of their North American tour, and are now on tour in the United States.

God has given them a wonderful opportunity to declare His glory through music.

The concerts all begin with Kim Janzen singing 'Jesus We Crown You With Praise.'
Lives have been touched through the words of this song, and through the other music sung and stories shared of God's faithfulness and love. As you read through the lyrics of the song below may you also be brought to a point of worship in your heart and crown Him with praise.

Jesus We Crown You With Praise

(words by Lanny Wolfe)

Verse 1
The first time You came they crowned You with thorns
As on an old rugged cross You were raised
But the next time You come, it won't be as before
For this time we'll crown You with praise.

Jesus we crown You with praise
Jesus we crown You with praise
We love and adore You
Bow down before You
Jesus we crown You with praise

Verse 2
Alpha and Omega
Mighty God, The great I Am
Emmanuel, the Ancient of Days
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Calvary's sacrificial Lamb
We love you and crown You with praise


  1. Thanks for this info. At first I was envious of being in Bellingham tonight but because you posted the website I see that they are coming to Portland on the 25th. I've put it on my calendar! I didn't know where Kyiv was, so I googled it and found that it is Kiev! Oh! If I had pronounced it I would have known.

  2. I attended two of their performances and was so very blessed. It is an amazing event and I encourage everyone to go!
    The words of 'Jesus, we crown you' are powerful as is Kim's singing. Thank you for posting this this morning, Kathy !

  3. Music is an amazing way to connect to God and worship Him. I miss singing in a church chorus but where I live now there aren't any organized ones!

  4. Here is a video from announcing their tour.

  5. I had the privilege of seeing them in fact my head would have been just a little to the left of where your photo ends. ;) It was good as well to hear of the great work being done there with the widows.

  6. I love that song!! The marriage of music & lyrics is so very powerful & moving! Thx for the photo too - looks like a wonderful performance! Rhoda

  7. Admission is not free and tickets are required at Village Baptist, Beaverton, OR. No cookbooks available for sale.


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