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Set an Example

Act like me. 
That's what Paul said in Philippians 3:17
 Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine...
and learn from those who follow our example. NLT

How many of us can say that with Paul?

We influence others...
for the good or for the bad.

You are writing a gospel,
a chapter each day,
by deeds that you do,
by words that you say.
~Paul Gilbert 

People are reading what I write.
That's a scary thought at times.

Little people are watching how I live...
what I do and say.

My prayer is that my lifesong is true to my Saviour...
and that I could live a life that sets a godly example...
as Paul did.


  1. I often think of how this seemed to be a deeper desire of my parents as they had grandchildren join the family. Somehow realizing we are the ones who are left with the privilege and responsibility to be an example to those around us and especially our loved sobering.
    Thank you for this reminder again.

  2. A simple message but one that is of huge impact. I remember someone trying to find words of advice for his son who was to be married. His final thought was - "It's too late to be giving advice. What he will remember most is not what I say now but what he saw in our marriage as he was growing up."

  3. May those who come behind us find us faithful.
    Thanks for sharing.'
    blessings to you.

  4. Beautiful photo! Now you've got me wanting one of my family!

    And I loved your post today. Our lives are our testimonies.... and those closest to us, see it all! We need to be living examples 24/7.

  5. Such truth in your words from your heart here today. Let us all take up this great challenge.

  6. Such sobering truth!!! What a beautiful picture of you and your grands............they have wonderful grandparents to look up to!

  7. Great post--we must set an example!!! Thank you for your message!!


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