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Chive Vinegar

When chives are in bloom, make chive vinegar.  In two weeks you'll have a vinegar that adds great flavour to salad dressings. I especially enjoy the addition of this vinegar in my potato salad dressing.
To begin, sterilize a glass jar, then go and pick a bouquet of chives in bloom. Wash chives well and air dry.
Fill jar 3/4 full with white vinegar , and add the dry chives.

Press chives into jar.

Seal jar and place in a dark cool for 2 weeks.  
After 2 weeks the vinegar will be a nice soft pink. Using a cheese cloth strain the vinegar. Discard the chives and put the vinegar back into a clean jar. Store in a cool place.
Chive vinegar has a stronger flavour so use it sparingly in place of regular vinegar in salad dressings and dip. 


  1. That looks beautiful Kathy!! I love "flavoured" vinegars like this. My chive blossoms are done for this year but I need to remember to do this next summer. I might try this with my other herbs as well - thanks for sharing this method.

  2. I'm intrigued and wish I could get my Chives to bloom! It's huge, green and very healthy looking. I suppose I'd still get the flavour without the blossoms... .


  3. Wow. I've been pinching of my garlic chive buds to avoid flowering. I'll sit back and relax now.

  4. My chives have already bloomed. Would this work with just the chives themselves? Obviously, it wouldn't be that gorgeous shade of pink, but do you think the flavor would work? Cheers!

  5. I have never tried making this without blossoms but it's worth s try. Let us know how it turns out.

  6. Amazing idea! I would've never thought this would work, but it looks great! Rhoda


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