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Oreo Frozen Dessert

In Canada today, Boxing Day is a statutory holiday - a loved part of the Christmas holiday.
The name comes from the British practice of
"boxing up" Christmas gifts and food on the day after Christmas to give to the poor.
Growing up, we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day with one side of the family and with the other side of the family on Boxing Day.
It meant 2 big meals back to back and lots of fun with cousins on both sides.
If that's the case in your family, you may need a quick dessert today.
This dessert is a breeze to make and tastes like Oreo ice cream.
If you make it in the morning you'll have a yummy dessert ready
for who ever comes to call on Boxing Day.

  • 1 package cream filled Chocolate cookies cookies (I use Oreos)
  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 2 tablespoons Kahlua or other coffee flavoured liqueur
  1. Break cookies into small pieces (kids love to help with this!)
  2. Place 1 cup cookie pieces in bottom of glass 9x13 inch pan.
  3. Whip cream, adding your choice of flavouring.
  4. Whip till stiff peaks form. (you do not want to sweeten the cream as the cookies will provide enough sweetness.)
  5. Fold remaining cookie pieces into cream.
  6. Pile into prepared pan and smooth top.
  7. Cover with foil and freeze for several hours or until firm.
  8. Remove from freezer about 1/2 hour before serving (or you can serve it frozen) and cut into serving pieces.
  9. Garnish with your choice of shaved chocolate, mini cookies, cherry pie filling or berries.


  1. I'm sure it tastes great and it looks so pretty on that plate!

  2. This is going to be served at our New Years Eve Dinner. This looks scrumptious!

  3. I'm just wondering what size pkg of Oreos you used? Thanks, I can't wait!

  4. Pam - I just use the regular sized package. I'm sorry, I don't have any in the house right now so I can't tell you how many grams/ounces.

  5. This looks so amazing and so easy....i'm going to make it for our New Years Eve desert....I'll let you know what everyone thought. Thanks!

  6. I made the dessert for dinner tonight. I couldn't help but lick the spoon. I think I would however add a wee bit of sugar to the whip cream. Perhaps I will make a fruit sauce and that will sweeten it enough for my sweet tooth.