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Bread for the Journey ~ Advent

December is the month that brings all the outward preparations,
and all that we have to do to prepare for Christmas.
Twenty four days of frantic shopping, baking, school parties,
Christmas concerts and packages to mail.
December invites exhaustion.

But let's quiet our hearts for a bit to an inward preparation.
Let's stop and listen, close our eyes and mind to that quiet place.
I too become so quickly caught up in the busyness of the season.
We have traditionally observed the advent wreath and the lighting of the candles.
We would gather together on a Sunday evening for a simple meal,
consisting of some Christmas specialties, with some scripture and prayer.
 One candle is lit each week representing
Hope, Love, Joy, Peace
Things have changed as they have all become adults and have their own lives.
But still, we gather together with those that are close by and share this special evening.

What does Advent mean to you?

Light a candle and say a prayer for a friend,
Do you have friends dealing with health issues?
Read a quiet meditation for yourself.
Play your favorite Christmas music.
Call someone who needs that word of encouragement from you.
Is this an opportunity to restore a relationship?
Bake a few cookies for those single moms and dads.
Give to a cause you believe in.
A meal for the homeless?
Coffee with some neighbors?
Drop a few coins in the Red Kettles as you hear the bells ringing.
Give a passionate smile and helping hand to the elderly.
Dear Lord in this season of business and anticipation, 
renew my sense of wonder and excitement.
Help me to slow down enough to open my eyes.
Fill my heart with gratitude for each day, each month, each year of life.
I pray that a spirit of gratitude will fill my heart as I fill my home with 
sights and sounds of Christmas.
May my home, and my family as well as my spirit continue to magnify YOU,
not just during this season, but all through our lives. Amen


  1. For me Christmas is all about 'others' - but Advent pulls me aside into quiet moments just between me and God.

  2. Thank you for those beautiful words. May we all have quiet moments to be surprised at what this Advent season holds for each of us!

  3. This was a beautiful prayer that you shared with us here today, Marg. It is good to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.

    Please say a prayer for a friend on mine that just had surgery for Ovarian cancer.

  4. Amen and amen....I need to read what you have written each day to stay focused on the true 'reason for the season' Jesus!
    Thank you

  5. Thank you for the focus on the advent of Christ's birth and for the practical suggestions for ways we can reflect the love He brings to those around us.

  6. shirley reimer bertheletteDecember 4, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    written well!!! amen

  7. Thank-you. It's a prayer I need to pray each day this month!

  8. Thank you Marg. A time to reflect. . .thank you for the reminder.

    Pat..praying for your friend tonight.

  9. Thank you. Yes, we all need to slow down and think about the meaning of the season and not the commercial blitz. Thank you.

  10. Enjoyed reading this post and checking out your recipes. Looking forward to trying a few.


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