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Candied Yams

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S.A. There would be a revolt at my house if I forgot to make this dish for Thanksgiving. I have a very simplistic way of making it and never really use a recipe but here's one that will work if you've never made these.

6-8 yams or sweet potatoes
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
Enough marshmallows to cover

Boil your yams or sweet potatoes till they are soft. Remove peel. Slice into 1/4 inch round slices and place in a greased 9x13 inch baking dish. I place the rounds side by side not flat. This way the brown sugar and butter coats the slices nicely. Melt the butter with the brown sugar and mix well. Pour this mixture evenly over the top of all the yams. Cover the top with marshmallows. I use the large marshmallows and cut them in half and place them on top. My kids love lots of marshmallows so I totally cover the yams. Place in 350 degree oven until the marshmallows start to brown nicely.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers in the U.S.A!

Psalm 79: 13 ~ But we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will give thanks to you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise.


  1. Doreen , Houston, MN, USANovember 25, 2010 at 4:34 AM

    Amen! Praise Him Whose mercies are new each morning!

  2. Looks wonderful Ellen!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  3. Ha! My family MUST have this same recipe every Thanksgiving! (guess what I'm doing at the moment??)

    Thank you for the nice post!

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. There would be a revolt in my house too without the candied yams for thanksgiving! Love the marshmallow topping! Thanks for thinking of us in the US.

  5. I loved yams. My mouth is watering. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Ellen. Enjoy your time together. Thank you for the verse you shared here today. Kathy

  6. Using marshmallows to cover the baked potatoes is new to me :D Happy Thanksgiving to you :D

  7. We tried a 'new' recipe from a colonial cookbook. Layers of sliced cooked yams and pared apples, drizzled with butter, orange juice, cinnamon & allspice. It was very nice as I don't care for the marshmallows, but I know most folks love them.

  8. It sounds & looks most yummy. By now the yam dish will be empty...and the Thanksgiving meal a good memory!

  9. Oh how we missed these today. Someone offered to bring a sweet potato dish and it was a bit different. But like cake I usually skoot the marshmallows off to someone else's plate...with just a hint of the gooey sweetness left.

  10. It began slowly.. some were hesitant, to try it, but now it's a must with turkey dinner at our house too. Looks delicious, Ellen!


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