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A Warm Welcome

I enjoy having guests, and I thought you might like a little change from the regular recipe of the day. I'm sure many of you have had house guests or been house guests this summer.
I've been getting ready for my guests for the past few weeks. Usually when I have guests I not only get my house ready, but I also meal plan, but not this time. My guests will be staying with us for 3 nights, but will not be eating any meals here. They may sit at my island in the mornings with a cup of coffee before we head out each morning, and we may sip on a cup of tea before we turn in each night.

The front bedroom is ready for one of my dear friends.

....and the back bedroom for the other.
Girls like fresh flowers, clean linens and little treat bags that is what they will find.

When family or friends come to stay I want them to feel comfortable and at home.
My friends are arriving shortly. Why don't you stop by tomorrow to meet them and see what we are up to.


  1. Hi Kathy!
    Although I live alone I have enjoyed reading the great recipes and saving many to adapt for one! I find the recipes very original and hearty, thanks so much for posting them!
    Have a wonderful time with your guests, they should love all the treats you have waiting for them as the little gift bags you have made look very intriguing!!
    Have a wonderful day....
    Tina xo

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Your rooms look so inviting and I love the idea of little 'treat bags'. That is such a neat idea and wondered if you would share what you put in them. I have just had my SIL from Sydney stay for a few days and can do this next time she visits.

    I had a giggle to myself the day before she arrived because I pulled the perfectly clean sheets out of the linen cupboard and in the washing machine they went. I line dry my clothes so they sure did smell good going on the bed. Nothing like getting into crisp, fresh smelling sheets to give a good nights sleep.

    Thank you for such a beautiful blog, I visit everyday.

    Gillian, Australia

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Really enjoy the site....visit it daily. I believe my precious sister is on her way....have a great week!!

  4. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing how you prepare your home for guests. I love making guests feel extra special too!

  5. By the looks of things your guests will feel right at home and very welcome.
    ❀ Ruth ❀

  6. I love to prepare those little niceties for my guests.

  7. That does look warm and inviting....can I come too! :)
    Our guest room is slowly turning into an office, which I'm sad about, but not many options at the moment. Have fun with your friends!

  8. It certainly looks like a comfy and inviting place to stay! Enjoy!

  9. How fun! I love having company spend the night. It makes a house feel homey.

    Enjoy the time with friends!

  10. You are so sweet to have a gift bag and everything! I'm coming to your house. And you have inspired me--I think I need to make a cute gift bag for my parents when they come to visit.

  11. Would also love to know what little goodies you put in the treat bags. Loving the quilts on the beds. Hard to find neutral colored ones like those.


  12. You certainly have the gift of hospitality! Have fun with your guests... I know they will enjoy their stay with you. I check into this site daily and enjoy it so much. Thanks

  13. my goodness me i am in the uk and i have found this lovely site.
    how beautiful for you lovely ladies to have had such a happy gathering and for sharing it with us.
    i wish i had such dear friends.


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