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Mennonite Girls Come Together

At precisely 10 am the Mennonite Girls Can Cook planned to meet at the airport to welcome our out of towners...
Betty and Charlotte our two prairie girls and Ellen our south of the border girl. .
and us Valley Girls. . ..
all together at last.

How could we have known that just over two years ago we would  not only created a place where we could share our family favorites . .but that we would also have become such close friends.

Daily emails and lots of phone calls.  .and much planning brought us to our first ever reunion.

Kathy and Marg were unanimously nominated to be the social committee and did us proud at the airport.
They showed up a wee bit after the rest of the waiters. .
had us all nearly falling on the floor in laughter. .
as they had ALL the people waiting for friends and family. .
They were thanked as they left .. for the fashion show.

With lots of laughter and tears and hugs . .
we were off to my house for "high tea". . .casual style.

We kept smiling at each other . .
and  had ourselves a bit of lunch.

The social committee girls had our first day all mapped out. 
Our first stop was Neufeld Farms our first sponsor.
When I sent out letters to some of our local businesses . ..
they were the first to call and agreed to send money each month to MCC to feed hungry children .  .
and in turn we have them listed on our sidebar.
Do they know how to make girls feel welcome or what?
A sign . .imagine that.
Keri. .a blogger herself ..
understood the camera's and with 10 stuffed in her pocket or slung around her neck. .
snapped away.

Our next stop was our second to join sponsor. .
Charlotte gave us the tour of their beautiful new facility and before we knew it.  .an hour had passed as we chatted back and forth.

We feel so blessed to have both these businesses that our locals love . .
sharing our heart to feed the hungry.

Towards the end of the afternoon. .
we went to Anneliese's house to enjoy her special hospitality.
We relaxed in her peaceful and beautiful home. .
while she served us appys and finished creating her delicious meal.
After we had our two  . .yes  ..two desserts . .
Julie shared with us from God's word. .   .
and we ended the evening each praying for the girl on our left.
It's hard to put it into words. .
it was so special.

OH. .but the time has not ended. .
Tomorrow . .our social committee has a day planned.  .
and Kathy will give you the recap on Wednesday morning.

All for now. .
with love,


  1. What beaming faces! I hope that you're going to explain that elderly ladies in your first mosaic. :D

  2. Tears of laughter on the first group of photos !!! Who bit the bread ?

    Since you are all together, please know that reading your blog and being allowed to share your lives has enriched mine beyond measure ...

    thank you very much for everything.

    ( except certain fashion style in socks )

  3. It looks like so much fun was had by all and the food just looks amazing. Someone obviously put their heart into all this preparation and it shows so beautifully! Have a wonderful day together!
    Tina xo

  4. Oh, so much fun! Enjoy your time together! What a blessing to have such great sponsors! Hey, I have a friend who knits everywhere she goes.....and those styles, you never know when they will return! The grunge look revisited, lol!

  5. My Mennonite Girl just looks beautiful!Looks like you are going to have lot of fun. Take care love you.John

  6. OK I'm confused. Who were the two ladies waiting alone with the scarves on their heads?

  7. Why were there no Mennonites in black dresses with pretty lacy caps to be seen at this reunion? Just stylish girls laughing and eating and touring. There must be a mistake here!

  8. Maybe some people think of Mennonites with the dark dresses and caps as signature. As for me your greeting girls donned the outfit I grew up with. Seeing the darker socks and shoes was the first giveaway. Looks and sounds like you gals are having a blast. Hopefully there is at least one traditional Mennonite meal or some elements of it on the menu. Enjoy your fellowship and friendship.

  9. This is a post that made me smile early on a rainy morning! The pictures are great - they give one an idea of the spirit of joy at your 'summit'. MGCC has given me a great deal of pleasure over the past two years, introduced me to a new friend, new recipes, Lepp's market (every time I go to Abbotsford!)and some great bloggers. Every one of you has the gift of hospitality, so I imagine that the rest of your time together will be wonderful. Best wishes to all of you and thanks for all your efforts/writing!

  10. OH ..I'll go back and make it a bit more clear. . .:)

  11. This made me laugh and tear up a little too. I've seen socks and fancy shoes on many fashion blogs but not with kerchiefs yet. I have it on authority that you'll be having a fabulous time today... praying for appropriate weather for the activities, and for the blessings of friends to deepen and sweeten.

  12. yes, that first set of pictures is FANTASTICALLY funny! :)
    what a great time to have together - enjoy the second day!

  13. this is an awesome website, i check it daily and love all the words of wisdom and the recipes are amazing - looking forwad to more

  14. What fun! I look forward to tomorrow's post!!!!!

  15. I have been reading your blog for many months now and today's was so special to see everyone together! I look forward to reading more of your blogs and trying out more of the delicious recipes you all submit. Have a wonderful time together!

  16. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your day! You women are all fabulous and your smiles are infectious!
    I'm looking foward to more stories and pictures!!

  17. Hello girls,
    I've been enthousiasticly following your blog for some time now and it's about time I send a reaction.
    I live in the Netherlands, close to Germany, and I love reading your recipies, esp. the ones where I can clearly see the Dutch and/or German roots. Even some of the names are very recognisable. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    I wish you all a fabulous time together and a big Dutch hug for all.

  18. I was under the impression that the Golden Girls had all died.

  19. What a wonderful first reunion! You all do such wonderful services to both charity and the blog community. It is a pleasure to see you all enjoying a good time!

  20. I came upon your blog last winter when searching for a particular recipe and now enjoy it each and every day. I have a couple of questions:
    1. How did your group get together to start this blog?
    2. Do you follow a monthly schedule in order to decide whose "day" it is to blog?
    3. With all of this delicious baking and cooking, how do you avoid gaining weight?
    My youngest (of 5) left for college last week and we are now empty nesters. I feel a connection with all of you as you make this next stage of life look like lots of fun!!
    Thanks so very much!

  21. très appetissant et fort convivial...

  22. I found your blog about 2 months ago. What a wonderful get together. Almost envious - wish I was there. Blessings sent to all of you.l

  23. Just got back from holiday and decided to see what you all have been up to. What a fun day to look in on you all.
    I am so doing the dress-up idea sometime when my siblings arrive at YVR - complete with a thermos of hot water, hard boiled eggs and practically a full faspa stored in a homemade cloth bag. This was our childhood life when we traveled - we loved our Mom dearly for all she was and this was part of all she was.
    I'm still laughing - thanks for the pictures!

  24. Looks like you had a great time and I bet the food was good !!!

  25. Oh ok, now I get it. I'm a little slow sometimes. :-) Found your blog a few months ago and have so enjoyed your recipes. Fun to see the get-together, too.

    Thanks for splainin it, ;-)

  26. I've followed your blog for awhile now (by email) and rarely think to click over to the actual blog. Ending your day with a reading, I love that.


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