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bread for the journey

On Friday my daily devotional made me stop and think . . ."what kind of friend am I . . really?"
The verse for the day was
Proverbs 17:17
A friend loveth at all times and a brother is born in adversity.

The title of the devotional was BE A STANDER.

Bill Crowder. . the author said that a friend who is a stander will stay close in times of trouble.
A friend who bolts at the first sign of trouble isn't really much of a friend.
I thought then of how blessed I am for there have been many friends who have stood beside me when trouble has come.

People have been good friends to us. I often think of the ones who stood by us when my husband faced cancer over 25 years ago. I also think of friends who came and showed us how to farm 15 years ago when we had no clue. The friends who stood shoulder to shoulder with us when we put our parents to rest will be forever remembered.

My dear friend Kathy once said. . .that her parents taught her by example.
She told me that when they knew someone was in trouble. . .her parents would always say. . .
"we'll be right there".
I saw her example in my own life . ..and I see her example in others lives as well.
When I see her live her friendship out like that. . .
I want to be that kind of a friend.

When my friends face difficult times.
Will I be a STANDER beside them. . .
or will I bolt?

Even though I desire to be the kind of friend that the Bible talks about. .
the reality is that I am human and fail my friends more often than I should.
There is no friend like Jesus. .
He bears all our griefs . ..He never leaves us ...
and like the hymn says. .
we can carry everything to Him in prayer.

Dear Lord, help me to be the kind of friend who doesn't run when my friends are in need. Give me the courage to stand by them, the wisdom to know what to say. Give me a tender heart to forgive when necessary and the sensitivity to ask for forgiveness when I hurt my friend.

All for now . . with love. . .


  1. What a beautiful reminder of how blessed we are to have true friends in our lives!

  2. Louvella,
    So beautifully said I'm so glad you shared this message with us this Sunday.

  3. AMEN---to be a stander is my hearts desire.

  4. How beautiful this is. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for those thoughtful words.I too can be thankful for friends who have stood by my husband and me.The colorful fall pictures are gorgeous.Thanks and may your day be overflowing with God's blessings.

  6. My eyes are filled with tears that are trickling a bit. What a beautiful post on friendship....and for encouraging me to be a stander.
    "Thank you lord for the friendship you have given me in with Lovella"...Kathy

  7. What a lovely prayer and such a great reminder!

  8. I too am very thankful for all the support from family and friends while I battled cancer(especially daughter Jeanine) Without them the road would have been very difficult. Now in renission I hope I can be a friend and support to others in need. Thank yo ufor the lovely post and prayer.

  9. Hi...and thanks for the beautiful posting for this Sunday morning!!! and thanks for the gift of the is beautiful!!! and I appreciate it!!! and I don't know if I wrote and said I had made the Pumpkin Raisin Bars..they lasted about two hours...from dinner dessert until bedtime LOLOL...nary a crumb was left...but requests for more were!!! hugs...Ora in KY

  10. I love you beautifully writting on friendship. I have had wonderful friends who have stood with me through the years. ( and the green bean stew and soup are two of my favorite recipes)

  11. Lovella, I know you to be a Stander!
    This post is a good reminder for everyone to be a Stander.
    I have experienced that is the friends that I have least expected to be standing with me...a true blessing.

  12. Wonderful post... and so much to think about.
    Our message today was: Greater is He that is in us, than he that it is the world:
    What you wrote here... being able to stand with a friends, many times in the face of things like illness or emotional hurts, even the culture... takes really KNOWING that He who is in us is GREATER!
    Thank you, Lovella for adding more 'bread for our journey.'
    Have a lovely week ~ Maria

  13. I always enjoy the Bread for the Journey posts. The entire blog is wonderful. Thank you for all of it.

  14. Thank you for sharing the "Bread for the journey."


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